Powerful electro piece blending fat synthesizers and a female gothic choir singing in Latin. Supported by a driving drum and bass beat. Mixed with a trance component. Sanctus provokes a feel of mystery: ideal for TV shows, films or documentary in relation to religion, history, science and tension. ************* In this pack: 2 full versions (w & wo vocals) /// 1 short version (No Intro) /// 7 edits: 1 x 15s 4 x 30s 1 x 60s Stinger /// 4 loops (3 x 8–bars 1 x 16b) ************* Cue Sheet Information - Composer: Edward Keys, PRO: PRS, CAE: 728101762, Song Title: Dominus, Tunecode for this music: 138585DS

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388555 Dominus (Stinger)
by Edward Keys


388554 Dominus (Short version)
by Edward Keys


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