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What exactly is Royalty Free Music?

In short, royalty free music and sound effects (commonly called stock music or stock audio) are sounds and music tracks that may be used in multimedia productions without complicated music licenses. Royalty free music may be used without worrying about paying union fees for musicians, expensive composer fees and lengthy contracts, or per-performance royalties. When purchasing music and sounds under a royalty-free license, the user pays for the right to use a specific track in a given project.

Royalty free music and sound effects are often referred to as library music or stock music. Where as standard production music is often written specifically for a project (usually to match picture), library music is usually pre-recorded without picture, and is then brought in to a production on an as-needed basis. Generally, music libraries are large, expensive collections of CDs that contain music and sound effects by one or more music producers and composers, hence the term library music. Quite often, music libraries will charge both a license fee and a fee for the purchase of the tracks or CD.

Traditional royalty free music libraries tend to be limiting in the scope of music that they offer. Library music collections are often limited to a single musical style or sound, while some are produced for specific applications in mind. For example, there are many libraries that only contain music intended for horror films, others written specifically for children's shows, while others only containing hip-hop drum beats. As you can see, collecting enough library music to cover a wide range of projects can be daunting, not to mention extremely expensive.

At, we believe in making your music-purchasing experience as simple as possible. With traditional music libraries, you will often have to purchase an entire collection of music just to use that one track that you liked, and the rest of the music sits on your CD rack collecting dust. Not a very good investment of your space, time, or money. At, you choose only the music you know you will use, eliminating the excess music that you will never even listen to. Furthermore, the music at covers just about every style and genre imaginable!

Many music libraries ask for additional license fees in order to use their music in different scale projects. Sure, many will sell you a track for $49.00 and say it is royalty-free music, but then when you read the fine print, you realize that in order to use the track in your regional TV commercial project, you have to pay their broadcast license fee. Not at Here, we give you your license options up front. Our four licenses are scaled by usage type to make licensing music as easy and affordable as possible. Our licenses are scaled and priced by the composers themselves to make sure that our musicians get fair market value of their music, while you pay no more than you really have to for great royalty free music. When you download your track at, there are no more hidden costs and no more work for you.

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