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How do I find suitable royalty free music for my multimedia project?

Finding the best, most suitable royalty free music to fit your project can be a huge task. There are many questions to take into consideration when making a choice between musical pieces for your film or multimedia production. While not entirely comprehensive, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect music tracks:

First, consider the emotional content of the piece. Does the track you are listening to provide the right feel for your project? Will it match or effectively set the right mood for your film? Each track has its own unique emotional feel to it. Use that to your advantage. A high-energy rock or urban track might be the ideal solution to raise interest and add youth to your business presentation. A rich, melodic orchestra piece could tug on the right strings (pardon the pun) to bring your audience to tears. Undoubtedly, carefully examining the emotions a piece of music conveys will greatly increase the emotional effectiveness of your film.

Second, listen to the rhythmic feel and the beat of the music. Will the music fit your edits, or can you easily adapt your cuts to the speed and feel of the piece? Transitions in the music should be timed to effectively match transitions in the picture, and vice versa. Quick cuts and rhythmic montages should match the pulse of the song. Nothing is more frustrating to an audience member than trying to watch a movie sequence that is not accurately lined up to the beat of the music. With royalty free music, this is a tough aspect to master, and normally, because the music is pre-recorded and pretty much set in stone, you will have to make the appropriate adjustments in your picture. Furthermore, the rhythmic drive and intensity of a given music track will greatly affect your project’s sense of movement.

Next, listen for appropriate instrumentation and sound quality. Nobody likes a score that sounds fake or out of tune. There are many cheap synthesizers and sounds out there that allow musicians to make music tracks that are, well, anything but desirable. There is a great misconception that royalty-free means low quality. You should expect the best from any royalty free music that you purchase. Also, you will want the instruments in your underscore to remain fairly similar throughout your project. It doesn’t make much artistic, musical sense to have flutes in one scene and then never again in the movie. Think about how instruments can add to the cohesiveness of your film or multimedia project. offers a brilliant solution: a section where you can browse complete score “packages” containing royalty-free tracks that are linked by similar feel and instrumentation. Using this feature will greatly enhance your film’s cohesiveness as far as sound and music is concerned.

Finally, stay informed of musical styles and trends in the industry. A little extra knowledge about musical genres can aid you in making more informed, and more creative and innovative decisions about the music you use for your multimedia projects. That will keep your work fresh, and always one step ahead of the curve. Luckily, the music choices at are always growing and changing reflecting the needs and trends of the film and multimedia industry – so visit often!

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