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How do I license royalty free music and sound effects? offers two easy options for licensing royalty-free music, sound effects, stock footage, and stock photos from this site. Our license is based on the end-use, and not on the legal structure of organization licensing the music. We do this to protect both our customers and the rights of our composers. Please refer to our end-user license agreement for full legal-text versions. Please familiarize yourself with our royalty-free license options, and select the license that best suits your application. If you do not find your application in the list above, please contact us, and we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate license for your project.

License Option A: General Private / Personal / Educational Use
Select this option if you intend to use the music at home or in the office, or in a private project. Note that you cannot broadcast or distribute this project in any way (including free copies). You also may not sell any product or project that contains this music under this license option. Acceptable uses under this license might include: Non-Commercial Website Background Music, Multimedia Presentations, Personal Use (ie on a home computer, or for relaxation at night), Background Music for Parties or Special Events where no entry fee is charged, Use at an Educational Institution (no distribution), Student Films and Projects not for distribution.

License Option B: Commercial Use
We define "commercial use" as any project that can be used to generate revenue of any kind, or any project that is broadcast or distributed in any way (regardless of whether revenue is generated). And yes, revenue includes donations. Use this option if you intend to use the music in a product for sale, a commercial project, or a locally-broadcast application. Acceptable uses under this license include: any product distributed commercially (including CD-ROM, DVD, and digital transmissions); a commercial website, a local, regional or national radio or television show or commercial spot, Pay-Per-View or Cable Television; Independent Films, Studio Productions intended for public broadcast or theatrical release with paying audiences. You must give proper credit to the composer, and file proper cue sheets with the appropriate rights agencies (ie ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC) if your project is distributed theatrically or broadcast on television.

All stock photos on are licensed for commercial use, whereas you must select the appropriate license when adding to your cart any royalty free music, sound effects, or stock footage. We also offer a license for creating derivative works. Look for the B+DJ license option to use these music tracks in mash-ups, derivative works, and DJ-style mixes.

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