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How do I handle a YouTube copyright dispute?

The commercial license grants you non-exclusive rights to use our music on a royalty-free basis on YouTube, Vimeo, and elsewhere.

Ever since YouTube's content matching system was opened up to third-party content aggregators, these companies have been claiming copyright "ownership" of material sometimes with permission of the copyright owner, and sometimes without. They then flag videos containing the music, and then reserve the right to place ads and collect revenue from those ads on your videos on YouTube, many times without paying the copyright owner a dime. You can choose to acknowledge and allow this, or you can dispute it. However, disputes sometimes fail, and can have adverse affects on your Youtube videos.

What's interesting here is that, in order to be in the system as a Content ID member, the company needs to have exclusive control of the music in question -- which many of these companies do not. Because of this type of abuse of YouTube's content matching system, in our opinion, the best course of action is for Productiontrax to contact the copyright owner, and have them work with the aggregator directly to remove the dispute, which has been successful 99% of the time.

If you receive a copyright dispute notice, you should contact our support staff, and send us your order number and the dispute URL (from your copyright notices page), and will work with the copyright owner directly to get it cleared up for you.

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