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Walker Ikard is an International Singer/Songwriter with major hits around the world. His song, "You Need To Love Everybody", shot to the #1 spot in Austria. He has had many #1 hits in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other areas around the world. Ikard has been listed as one of the most played singers on the radio on the International Radio Playlist. He has appeared on the International Music Charts and the European Music Charts. Walker Ikard has had major success in songwriting. His songs have been recorded by singers in the USA, England and other areas around the world. Some of Walker Ikard's #1 songs are "Nothing But A Rat Race", "When You Walk By", "You're The Reason For It All", "Nothing Takes The Place Of You" and "When Mama Sang Amazing Grace". Ikard writes about love, society gone wrong, poor people, rich people and many other subjects in his songs. Walker's songs would be perfect to be included in some movies, tv shows and commercials. You can give them a listen here to see what I mean. Ikard's world famous #1 hit song, "I Still Get High On You", is also here for review. This terrific song would be great for any movie or tv show. Also, "Nothing But A Rat Race", is a song people are talking about everywhere you go. This song would fit any movie or tv show. Music supervisors need to give this exciting song a careful listen. "What You Gonna Do" is another surprising #1 hit by Ikard you will want to hear. This exciting song would fit your movie or tv show. Music supervisors will find exciting songs from Walker Ikard for their movies and tv shows. Listen to Walker Ikard's "Exciting" songs today for a real surprise.

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