Royalty Free Horror Music and Sound Effects Guide for Halloween

by Productiontrax

What’s In This Guide

This guide explores royalty free horror music and sound effects. We’ll look at the qualities and key characteristics of horror production tracks, from how they sound to how they’re made. You’ll learn what types of projects might benefit from using horror music, and how royalty free music in particular can fulfill your creative needs, whether it’s on Halloween or for general production.

In addition to a broad overview of the horror music genre, we’ll look at specific use cases and best practices when using stock music to help you tell your story. For example, do you want to signify impending doom, or maybe ratchet up the suspense? Maybe you’d like to create a sense of calm-before-the-storm. No matter the intended result, you will learn how to select the best soundtrack element to match the scenario.

We’ll also discuss sound effects that would be useful for horror and suspense projects: why they’re so difficult to produce, and how you can choose the best sound effect to create realistic experiences for your audience. You’ll discover the types of sound effects commonly used in the creation of horror films and scary projects. We’ll also look at the importance of layering sounds and creating ambience, and how to best achieve that on a budget with royalty free sound effects.

Finally, every filmmaker and content producer should know how to license music for your project. There are a lot of royalty free music libraries, each with their own terms and style of licensing, so we’ll help you break down the important parts to look for. We’ll show you the ins and outs of licensing royalty free music for your project, and cover the different types of licenses out there. By the end of this guide you’ll be able to not only find the most suitable royalty free horror music track for your scary Halloween project, but also how to identify and select the correct license to make sure you’re covered legally.


  1. Overview of Royalty Free Horror Music
  2. The Best Types of Production Music Cuts to Use for Scary Scenarios
  3. How To Use Horror Sound Effects
  4. How to License Royalty Free Horror Music

Let’s get started with an Overview of Royalty Free Horror Music.