How to Find and License Royalty Free Christmas Music for the Holidays

by Productiontrax

Let’s be honest, most people know about royalty free music but just as many are unfamiliar with how to find these tunes for their production. It’s true, finding the right soundtrack without copyright is never easy and this is especially true when it comes to royalty free Christmas Music for the holidays.

But what does this mean to your and how can you find this copyright free music?

Well, it means that Christmas music is easily found but most of this music is protected and unsuitable for your videos. As for the process, let’s take a closer look at how to find royalty free Christmas music:

How to Find and License Royalty Free Christmas Music for the Holidays

The truth is, most filmmakers end up wasting an awful amount of time looking for royalty free Christmas music. That is to say, it’s never hard to find Christmas music but most tunes are likely to be copyrighted.

At the same time, just as many songs are substandard and unsuitable for production. In fact, whether you find this music on YouTube, Soundcloud or any other platform, this poor standard of royalty free music is often the main issue you might have with finding royalty free Christmas music. But more on that later.

Now, that’s not to say it’s a challenge to find royalty free Christmas music but rather to explain how most filmmaker’s tend to go about this process the wrong way.

You see, searching through the above platforms in this way is the equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s true, but then you already know this, right?

That being said, in order to better understand the process, it’s important to know some of the basics:

What You Should Know About Using Royalty Free Christmas Music

Production music refers to the music which you most often hear on the radio, television or conventional advertisements. For the most part, this music belongs to a composer or production company and businesses will contribute a fee or royalties in order to license these tracks for their video content.

In case you might be asking yourself, a royalty is the money which is paid to the music composer for the ongoing use of the track. For example, you might agree to use one of these tracks for a short film and pay a royalty to the composer for each sale or view related to the film.

On the other hand, royalty free music refers to the soundtracks which you can use without needing to pay a fee of any kind. Needless to say, this music has an owner, but they have chosen to enable filmmakers to use their work without any obligations.

And that’s just part of the story...

Now, you may also know about public domain music and this refers to instances where either the rights have expired or there was never any copyright in the first place. Either way, there is no copyright attached to this music and the author has explicitly placed this work into the public domain.

Anyway, this should explain why you need to be careful when it comes to royalty free Christmas music.

The Importance of High Quality Royalty Free Music

As you know, most filmmakers are primarily concerned with the quality of the actual video and for this reason, the importance of good audio is sometimes neglected. In other words, there is a common misconception that the success of a film or video is mostly reliant on high quality video.

The truth is, video relies on both elements and audio is just as important as any visual. In fact, recent studies have shown that no matter the quality of your video, poor audio is enough to leave a negative impression with the audience.

For many filmmakers, scrolling through social platforms seems to be the go to process for finding royalty free Christmas music. In this instance, you might move from one video or track to the next and then go about finding the source of whatever music grabs your attention. On rare occasions, you might find there is no copyright attached to the music but the vast majority of these tracks are protected by law.

As you know, there is nothing to stop you from downloading and even using this music. However, wherever you decide to publish this video is certain to prevent your content from gaining any traction.

But how can you find high quality royalty free music to prevent this from happening?

The Easy Way to Find Royalty Free Christmas Music

Simply put, there are communities out there dedicated to royalty free music. What’s more, these websites have an incredible talent pool of independent composers with unique, high quality music. As if that’s not enough, this library of royalty free music is regularly updated to ensure this audio is fresh and relevant.

In case you might be asking yourself, Productiontrax is the perfect example of where you can find royalty free Christmas music. While the platform caters to every music genre, there is plenty of high quality music for the holidays with everything from old school melodies to cutting edge sound bites for Christmas.

More specifically, this kind of website is the fastest and most convenient way to find royalty free Christmas music. After all, the filter and search facility on this website provide results for royalty free music only which means that no time is wasted on protected soundtracks.

With this in mind, a simple sign up process can provide you instant access to a database of royalty free Christmas music. As already mentioned, there is no purchase involved, no contracts and no subscription process. As if that’s not enough, this efficient process will help you avoid substandard music and save you the time and frustration which often accompanies the search for royalty free Christmas music.

Now, are you ready to check out our library of royalty free music for the holidays?

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