10 Ways To Use Romantic Royalty Free Music for Valentine’s Day Projects and Gifts

by Productiontrax

Uses for romantic royalty free music go beyond schmaltzy film and television classics. No matter what type of content you produce, you'll find that some heartfelt music will go a long way. Here are some great ways to use romantic stock music and sound effects in a multimedia project around Valentine’s Day. Many of these suggestions are effective for generating emotional reaction and realism in your projects. They'll also be good for your business or project’s bottom line.

Send an audio-enabled romantic e-greeting card

Believe it or not, e-greeting cards are still widely used to express gratitude and love for another person. If your next project is designing e-greeting cards or creating a messaging apps, try embedding an enchanting or whimsical piece of stock music. The audio will leave the recipient in happy tears, and encourage users to send more engaging cards. For a profit boost, incorporate premium music as an up-sell on your e-card platform.

Use romantic stock music during a meal scene

Music in films helps us understand what characters are thinking and feeling towards one another. Royalty free romantic music is commonly used in film to create an intimate atmosphere in restaurant and dining scenes. When the main character is getting starry-eyed over dinner in a fancy establishment with their love-interest, opt for tracks that feature solo instruments. A piano or violin brings out a sense of closeness and intimacy. Likewise, adding in some orchestral music signifies that fireworks are imminent. Choose pop production music tracks with when characters are having a dinner date in more casual settings. These can have a romantic feel, or just nostalgic lyrics.

Add music to a stuffed animal or toy

Teddy bears are a well-recognized token of affection on Valentine’s Day. Stuffed animals and toys in general help convey love and romance in a tactile, yet innocent and fun way. So why not elevate your next design by engaging even more of your customers’ senses? Think about using royalty free romantic music in that Valentine's Day gift. If you’re designing a toy or novelty gift, you can add small internal speakers with some special chips that store the audio track in memory. There are even affordable, pre-made sound recorders and playback devices that will let you add sound to a craft project. Recipients will light up when a romantic song streams out of the stuffed bear they just hugged. If you’re the gifter, that means more points for you!

Create personalized videos

Personalizing a Valentine’s Day message on video or on YouTube is an incredibly romantic gesture. If you’re in the business of producing customized messages, you might be focused on content. However, there is a lot of value added in finding an affordable soundtrack to match. So, when you’re recording a message (either on someone’s behalf, or for your sweetie), try adding a soundtrack layer into your video. Use a soft stock music track to keep it both affordable and professional. While video professionals will add in a track using state-of-the-art video editing software, the amateur enthusiast can also easily create a romantic soundtrack with the help of built-in video tools on their personal computer or phone.

Create a charming event playlist

Finding a band or DJ for your next company event can be a hassle. Between scheduling, procurement, and space, it can be a nightmare for anyone coordinating the event. Instead of calling bands and DJs, you can hand craft your next event playlist. You can lean on world’s most experienced production music composers to create a unique and fun playlist that easily loads up on your favorite music streaming device. Talk about portable! The process of searching for royalty free music can sometimes be a labor of love, but all of your hard work will be rewarded. At the end, you'll have a completely one-of-a-kind playlist that captivates the attention of your guests.

Establish a romantic mood in wedding videos with a flexible soundtrack

Professional wedding videographers that need a touch of tenderness will benefit from the addition of a romantic soundtrack into their final products. Whether the moment you’re capturing is short and sweet, or long and prominent, stock music tracks can be molded to fit the needs of any wedding video. For maximum flexibility, select a track that is relatively simple, or has a steady pace and depth to it. That way, you’ll be able to capture your subject couple’s romance no matter what the timing winds up being post-edit, and you might be able to pass the savings on to your clients.

Promote an intimate getaway or destination

When people think of romance, we often overlook the travel industry. Maybe you're creating an advertisement for a romantic getaway package. Maybe you’ve just been hired by Tahiti’s tourism board to produce their next campaign. Either way, you can leverage romantic royalty free music to break free of clichés, especially if the promotion is launching during the holidays or around Valentine’s day. Trade in that beach-themed steel guitar theme. Instead, use a passionate production music track to add a whole new level of enticement and sophistication.

Spice up your podcast

Royalty free music is perfect for podcasting. Creating catchy hooks, introduction background music, and transitions is more affordable than some other means. It's also podsafe. As mentioned before, production music tracks of any kind are highly flexible. They can be cut down and edited to suit your podcast’s timing and energy level. If you’re doing more long-form podcasting, try softer romantic tracks. These will help capture the mood properly, but won't overpower your voice.

Use sexy and romantic sound effects for realistic backgrounds

When creating videos, advertisements, and films, it can be easy to get caught up in finding the right music. But it’s extremely important to make sure that your ambient sounds (noises) and sound effects are top-notch. Adding in the right kiss sound effect or simple outdoor ambience can go a long way in creating a realistic experience for your viewer. Sound effects, when used correctly, can help your audience become fully immersed in the story you are telling.

Add emotional depth to characters in a video game

Finally, interactive projects and games can also benefit from the subtle use of romantic royalty free music and sound effects. Similar to filmmakers, creators of great video games know that the secret to success lies in finding ways to make the gamer feel like they are a part of the action. They want to feel as though the characters they’re playing (or fighting) are as real as they are. Adding some softer music cues can add emotional complexity and subtlety. This is what helps a player get lost in the world you created.

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