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Using Stock Photos in Self-Published Books
Royalty-free images are a low-cost visual solution.

If you start asking around, you may be surprised at how many of your co-workers have written poetry, fiction, or essays that are gathering dust. Many, many more people love to write than can make a living at it. But those were the days of the old-fashioned printing press, where large runs ruled, and it required a small fortune to publish written materials. Thanks to technology, now it has become affordable to put out just a few copies of your own book, in a professional quality, by using one of many self-publishing services. And you can make it look even better with high-quality stock photos from Productiontrax.

Let’s say you’ve written a book of short stories for young adults, and one of the stories takes place in Peru. If you search Productiontrax for “Peru”, you’ll find a large collection of royalty free photos and videos by traveler and photographer Annemarie Bain. Just purchase whichever photos you think best complement your story, and download them for use in your book - either as illustrations, or cover art.

Two of the most popular websites for book self-publishing are and Each lets you download flexible, easy-to-use publishing software, into which you enter your text and graphics. It's easy to drag and drop your stock photos right into your print project, and start manipulating your design. Once you have your design perfect, you can upload or send your files to the publishing website, for them to print professionally in whatever size you want, with features like on-spine printing, ISBN numbers for distribution, and your choice of cover and binding styles. And on commercial-quality paper, your Productiontrax photos will stand out in glorious color, giving your writing the impact it deserves.

For more information on self-publishing, see or

To get started finding stock photos and images that you can use in print projects, start a search or visit the stock photos main page.


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