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Glass of whiskey cocktail
by Roberts Ratuts
Photo ID: 402851
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Glass of whiskey cocktail with lemon and ice. Beverage drink cocktail alcohol spirits fizzy whiskey whisky lemonade meal fruit citrus citric lemon appetizing delicious sweet sour yellow brown ice p...
Not Enough Whisky on This Earth
by C. Stuart Ridgway
Music ID: 108050
audio waveform
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Acoustic guitar. Classic melodramatic cowboy in a bar piece, feeling deep loss in a western setting. Feelings of depression and sadness are present as are melancholy, depression and disillusionment....
Ice in a glass
by Jon Carlile
Sfx ID: 285204
audio waveform
$2.49 (A) or $4.99 (B)
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Ice cubes falling in a small glass. Great for scenes of drinking alcohol and cold drinks. ...
by Dan Foster
Music ID: 190904
audio waveform
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Track in the style of "Man with No Name" directed by Sergio Leone, starring Clint Eastwood and with the musical scores of Ennio Morricone: A Fistful of Dollars , For a Few Dollars More , and The Good,...
Bourbon Street Po\' Boy
by Youniverse Music
Music ID: 267031
audio waveform
$29.95 (A) or $29.95 (B)
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Soulful, whisky-drenched fun from "The Big Easy." This cinematic track sets a carefree mood by mixing latin rock, funk and soul with the sweaty vibe of the New Orleans "Latin Quarter." Get those beads...
After Hours Whisky
by C. Stuart Ridgway
Music ID: 275413
audio waveform
$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Percussion and bass. Driving, pulsating tension indicating action, movement and suspense; someone performing an undercover task upon which a lot depends. Mood is apprehensive, careful, driving, dram...
TV on the Couch
by Rudy Pusateri
Music ID: 158243
audio waveform
$19.00 (A) or $49.00 (B)
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Blues atmosphere great for sitcom, romcom and telefilm. Also good for Leno or Letterman type show, country roads, southwest travel, bar scenes, cool moods, playing on the beach, two dudes having a bee...
by Cuneyd Demirci
Footage ID: 320548
$99.95 (A) or $99.95 (B)
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Pouring of whiskey on ice in the glass, HD 1080p, shooting Canon 5D Mark II ...
Gotta Get Drunk - Aggressive Rock Song by The Neverland Rancheros
by Neverland Rancheros
Music ID: 321812
audio waveform
$1.99 (A) or $11.49 (B)
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Gotta Get Drunk is an aggressive yet catchy bar rock song by Upper Michigan rock legends The Neverland Rancheros. And when I say "rock legends" I mean "some dudes who like whiskey." This song is drive...
Trap Jazz Trio
by Point Sound Studio
Music ID: 336321
audio waveform
$30.00 (A) or $90.00 (B)
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Traditional jazz trio of piano, double-bass and drums. Positive and catchy tune, which has lyrical middle part, some swinging rush and then it fastens a lot until the sharp end....
Ice Cubes
by Audio Guru
Sfx ID: 358920
audio waveform
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This is the sound of ice cube being dropped into a glass, 8 versions: Sample 1 - 0:02 Sample 2 - 0:05 Sample 3 - 0:02 Sample 4 - 0:03 Sample 5 - 0:05 Sample 6 - 0:06 Sample 7 - 0:05 Sample 8 -...
Secret Drinking: Alcohol
by Geoff Harvey
Photo ID: 384664
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Small: 904 x 601 $5.49
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A man at his desk being crafty by sneaking in some alcoholic drink whilst at work. A very useful image to convey employee’s being dishonest or disobeying following company policy in the workplace....
Western Campfire Country Americana medley
by Steve Dafoe
Music ID: 392476
audio waveform
$39.95 (A) or $79.95 (B)
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A medley of songs in Country Western genre! Appalachian foot stomping to a reflective ballad! Old meets new. Reflections of western outback, cowboys, saloons and truckers. Rhythmic mix of Keyboards an...
Stumble Home
by Jacob Luecke
Music ID: 393249
audio waveform
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A guitar and banjo instrumental with a comedic, exaggerated feel of drunkenness. It\\\'s a slow, stumbling melody. The song also sounds moronic or stupid. Many comedic scenes would play well on top of...
Coin into bottle 2
by All Sfx
Sfx ID: 70981
audio waveform
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The sound of a coin being dropped into a large oversize whisky bottle....
Old Mustang (instrumental)
by Marshall Smith
Music ID: 63914
audio waveform
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full live band recording with slide guitar, piano in a tarintino style road movie tex mex desert widescreen vibe... dig me?...

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