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Claiming the Throne: War Theme
by Geoff Harvey
Music ID: 418946
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$9.99 (A) or $39.99 (B)
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Searing strings, orchestral bursts and deep dramatic brass segments create this epic style track designed for use with heroic tribute or war/military themed project. Excellent if used with gradual cli...
March of War
by Geoff Harvey
Music ID: 374955
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$9.99 (A) or $39.99 (B)
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Backing for a medieval-type war scene, with simple bass, militaristic drums and deathly timpani rolls suggesting a grim fate awaits....
Battle Tank Moving: War SFX
by Soundtrack Tools
Sfx ID: 70305
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$2.95 (A) or $4.95 (B)
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A Battle Tank or Armoured Vehicle moving. Good war sound effect. Perfect for PC Games, Multimedia Presentations, Flash Animations, Films, Documentaries etc....
Act of War
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 385821
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$39.95 (A) or $59.95 (B)
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Heroic orchestral theme for Glorifying and Epic action scenes. A striking, war and glory, power and conquering. For adventurous soundtrack, battle movie scenes, historical events, documentary movies a...
Marching To War
by Jaap Visser
Music ID: 404307
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$29.95 (A) or $59.95 (B)
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Thrilling, hypnotic and tribal track for Ethnic Percussion Ensemble. Big drums reflect the preparation for and the actual ongoing war. Suited for use in action movie, tv and game productions or in doc...
The Last War (2 min)
by Jason Pfaff
Music ID: 384296
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$12.95 (A) or $35.95 (B)
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Dramatic instrumental that bombursts into intense climax. Features piano, orchestration, marching beats and electronica beats. Fitting for action, adventure, drama, war, and more...
Reaching the Enemy Lines - Fantasy War Theme/Trailer - Epic Choir
by Christian Andersson, Craze Music
Music ID: 289553
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$9.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Big and cinematic powerful adventurous epic orchestral score for trailers or forceful, pompous, bombastic main theme. Fantasy title intro track. Army marching to war. Opening credits in Hollywood styl...
Ii World War Battle 01 No Tank’s
by Mirko Pernjakovic
Sfx ID: 431346
audio waveform
$4.00 (A) or $10.00 (B)
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Realistic War Battle Scene Without Tanks War Front, First Battle Lines Explosions, Canons, Bombs, Detonations, Tanks, Airplanes, Gunshots Listen To This One And If You Need Anything Different Please L...
Epic War Music Theme
by Bobby Cole
Music ID: 267565
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$19.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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A huge orchestral cinematic movie trailer music theme, great for all your dramatic scenes. This music builds to a climax, and includes brass, percussion, strings and digital sounds. This track will ce...
Battle Music - War and Peace
by Anders Christensen
Music ID: 317267
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$39.99 (A) or $49.99 (B)
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Battle music that can be used to depict an epic battle or something completely different. Starts big and strong then everything stops and choirs are heard. Ends on a mellow tone where everything is pe...
The Dark Knight\'s War Full Track
by Adi Goldstein
Music ID: 355796
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$45.00 (A) or $100.00 (B)
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"The Dark Knight's War" Is a big and heroic theme and a great epic dramatic action track that will support your fight scenes, battles, wars, and high tempo adventures! Perfect for swords, shields, c...
Drums Of War
by Robert Neary
Music ID: 70157
audio waveform
$99.99 (A) or $99.99 (B)
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Dramatic sound of pounding Battle Drums for war preparation and battle scenes,Great for movie,wildlife programs,reality tv....
War at midway: Powerful dramatic music
by Stephan Lindsjo
Music ID: 305531
audio waveform
$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Dramatic intense war music for the big Hollywood screen. Timeless military music for sci-fi, warfare military action movies. Thundering intense brass with nice build ups. In Jerry Goldsmith tradition....
Call of War
by Dan Foster
Music ID: 372928
audio waveform
$129.00 (A) or $129.00 (B)
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A powerful orchestral Piece, A masterful string ensemble and BIG EPIC CHOIR give a solemn & hauting performance. BIG SOUND with Epic classical choir. Excellent for war, historical, drama, tragedy, doc...
war drums
by Lee Robinson
Music ID: 397904
audio waveform
$7.00 (A) or $25.90 (B)
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war drums is great for a army battle and epic film score powerful and dramatic...
EXPLOSIONS: War Explosions 1
by Cinema S F X
Sfx ID: 348933
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$4.95 (A) or $8.95 (B)
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Big Explosions on some distance. 5 different Explosion ambiences. Explosion in an open field, explosion in a train station, explosion in a subway, explosion in a tunnel, explosion in a city street. Fi...
Holy War F 87.7 bpm - 30 seconds
by Charlie Smith
Music ID: 168510
audio waveform
$14.95 (A) or $14.95 (B)
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30 sec Vers. - Hip Hop/eastcoast/westcoast - This track has a real big epic sound, big horns, angelic ghostly choir, synths, Trojan War style drum rolls, percussion, hand claps. ...
War Bell No 02
by Mirko Pernjakovic
Sfx ID: 432646
audio waveform
$4.00 (A) or $10.00 (B)
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Isolated Recording Of Ancient War Bell Ringing Call To Battle...
Horns of War (30s Choir Shouts) - Action Adventure Trailer Intro
by Christian Andersson, Craze Music
Music ID: 407567
audio waveform
$12.95 (A) or $19.95 (B)
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Dark epic orchestral threatening music. Hordes and armies gathering on the battle field for action. Majestic, mighty powerful, cinematic, horns and war drums. Great for trailer, intro or theme or inte...
Andromeda\'s Galaxy War
by Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Music ID: 255431
audio waveform
$19.95 (A) or $59.95 (B)
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Intense and brilliant orchestral soundtrack, war in space, the adventures of pirates, with powerful percussion and full orchestration. music for film and television and video games. Instrumental, Acti...

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