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The Tragic Ensemble 130bpm
by Robin Winkelmann
Music ID: 416852
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$14.95 (A) or $29.95 (B)
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Emotional ensemble with a Dubstep beat. Tragic violins are moving along with a sad piano line in the verses and change to a hopefully vibe, when the chorus begins. The song is a mixture of real instru...
Tragic way
by Dzmitry Charnyshou
Music ID: 289877
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$10.00 (A) or $40.00 (B)
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Tragic music, military death or disaster. Intensive terrible music. ...
Dark Secrets (60 sec)
by Tom Jemmott
Music ID: 233610
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$59.95 (A) or $79.95 (B)
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Haunting, dramatic, suspenseful cue with sudden twists and turns. Grand piano with full orchestra. Horror/thriller score written in the style of The Ring, Secret Window, The Sixth Sense, and What Lies...
It's a Long Story
by C. Stuart Ridgway
Music ID: 85237
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$9.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Tragic, mournful, solemn, sad, heartbroken, love lost. Reflective, sentimental. Feeling of "how can life go on"? Anguished, going through the paces. Zombie-like sleepwalking. Depression...
Line in the Sand
by Shaun Naidoo
Music ID: 64784
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$9.95 (A) or $49.75 (B)
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Highly textured orchestral action music. Noble, epic, tragic. For full orchestra....
Sadness: Sad classical strings
by Stephan Lindsjo
Music ID: 305524
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Slow sad classical strings for documentary live projections of nature, mountains, lakes, landscapes etc. Sad dramatic Soaring violin melody with a sad string orchestra in the background. Mother earth'...
Cut the Telephone
by Robin Schlochtermeier
Music ID: 65955
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$39.95 (A) or $69.95 (B)
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CLASSICAL/MODERN CLASSICAL/FILM SCORE: Hans Zimmer - like slow strings piece, sombre and elegant. Suits dramatic function, underlining melodramatic, even tragic scene. Widescreen feel, modern synth so...
Tragic Love
by Anna Eichenauer
Music ID: 320399
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$39.95 (A) or $79.95 (B)
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Dramatic piano and orchestra track about love, the loss of it and tragedy. Would work great in a dramatic movie scene....
by Dan Morrissey
Music ID: 157535
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$39.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Slow, sad & very beautiful piano-lead track with a tragic air. Would suit romantic/dramatic/documentary type projects....
Dead City (60 seconds)
by Mario Lucian Andreano
Music ID: 362373
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$24.95 (A) or $99.95 (B)
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Dead City is an epic / dramatic cinematic track with a sad and depressing mood to represent something tragic. It suggests sorrow and desolation. The mysterious piano beginning enters brutally into th...
In Memoriam Beats Remix
by EntropiK Music
Music ID: 159217
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$99.99 (A) or $149.99 (B)
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Hair raising and spine tingling, mournful and beautifully played cello in the style of a lament with electronic background. An amazing must hear. Perfect for any tragic or sad scene.Think 'Lost' 'tru ...
Tragic Return
by Mike Kinzie
Music ID: 387556
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$29.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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A foreboding and moody epic orchestral piece that provides a haunting backdrop or introduction for trailers, film, video games or documentaries. Begins with a slow sombre motive that gradually builds...
A Tragic Romance
by T.b. Strong Ii
Music ID: 15810
audio waveform
$6.11 (A) or $30.55 (B)
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Romantic tune with a tragic dis-harmonic ending that kind of sneaks up on you. This would be an ideal and unique solution a dating scene that starts out optimistic enough and then turns disturbed nea...
by Alexander Rybakov
Music ID: 287721
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$8.00 (A) or $25.00 (B)
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The sad and tragic song with an acoustic guitar. Good for documentaries, video games, movies, animation, etc....
end of days
by Robert Walker
Music ID: 114354
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$19.95 (A) or $29.95 (B)
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Designed for a tragic scene or building climax, ala 28 Days Later. Artistic, Hard-Hitting and Unique with some new commercial elements. Dubstep/Metal/Electronic Crossover with an epic Linkin Park-esqu...
by Di Evantile
Music ID: 306505
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$3.99 (A) or $39.99 (B)
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Gaia. This sad and tragic background music track could be used as accompaniment to an art house film or a slow dance. A grooving piano featuring cello, violins and low staccato strings in the middle p...
To the Right
by David J. Ritter
Music ID: 4635
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$7.50 (A) or $28.00 (B)
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A bold, apocalyptic march. There is a undertone of military influence here, but the mood is more tragic than heroic....
by En Music
Music ID: 299888
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$49.00 (A) or $49.00 (B)
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The tragic lyrical emotional music. Cinematic trailer. Gentle and alarm Opera singing. Powerful orchestra. Powerful drums instruments....
by D_ Cooper
Music ID: 340163
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$20.95 (A) or $44.95 (B)
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Romantic and inspiring piano track with lyrical mood. Never give up and always keep the hope in your heart. This music can be useful for motivational projects, romantic videos, tragic scenes in movies...
Tragic blur on the sky
by Fred Fred
Music ID: 156104
audio waveform
$9.95 (A) or $40.00 (B)
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Electronic and emotional, dance and quiet, tragic blur on the sky......

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