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Melancholy Movie Ending
by Jon Gilbert Leavitt
Music ID: 37646
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$14.95 (A) or $79.95 (B)
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Mellow and subdued piano and string-dominated ballad. Perfect for mood music in a sad, pensive or melancholy atmosphere....
by Chuck Henry
Music ID: 248996
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Elegant and smooth piano and guitar song -- reflective and melancholy, with almost a slight touch of jazz. This is co-written with Sharif El-Mahdi....
Melancholy Mood
by Shohei Urata
Music ID: 69628
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$2.00 (A) or $50.00 (B)
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Melancholy mood music. Great for sustained shots to wind down the tempo of the film....
by Gordon Mcginnis
Music ID: 326068
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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MELANCHOLY TRIP-HOP/CHILLOUT INSTRUMENTAL THINK: COOL GROOVES and melodies that can set the perfect mood for a HIP, SOPHISTICATED, DREAM-LIKE scene or a TRENDY, COSMPOLITAN boutique hotel lobby. DOWNT...
Melancholy Intro
by Dzmitry Charnyshou
Music ID: 284697
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$8.00 (A) or $32.00 (B)
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This is easy track, with melancholy atmospheric. Sounding of autumn. Very soft and tranquil music. Can be used in intro, stingers, outro, audio logo....
Two Glasses Of Melancholy
by Sergey Eybog
Music ID: 187564
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$1.99 (A) or $40.00 (B)
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Soft and pensive jazz track filled with bits of melancholy thoughts. Rhodes, walking bass, strings, harp, flute and some synthesizers....
Hypnotic Melancholy ( Moody Ambient )
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 288529
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$99.95 (A) or $109.95 (B)
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Hypnotic Melancholy in rolling ambient beat. With electric piano melody and synth. pensive, reflective, calm, dreamy. Easy and sad underscore, reflectie and longing electronic soundtrack. Perfect for ...
Cuckoldize – Melancholy, Hopeless Feeling Song
by Christopher Kaetzel
Music ID: 398580
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$1.99 (A) or $1.99 (B)
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A melancholy, hopeless feeling song. Portrays a feeling of desperation and sadness. Would be good to use to convey the feeling of loss, or sad sentiment. Fun, energetic pop/dance/industrial song. Can ...
by Dzmitry Charnyshou
Music ID: 238632
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Lyrical melody with autumn mood. Melancholy weekend. Nice piano and cello. Kind and warm atmosphere, with an optimistic mood. ...
Melancholy Folk Loop
by Michael Weber
Music ID: 405144
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$50.00 (A) or $110.00 (B)
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Slow and slightly sad, Melancholy Folk Loop is an instrumental loop that features acoustic guitar, accordion, glockenspiel and djembe....
Longing Melancholy (piano & timpani)
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 256167
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$69.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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Sad, sentimental and light epic cinematic theme music. Romantic melancholy with longing piano melody and atmospheric mystical orchestral timpany. a quiet sadness underscore for dramatic scenes, loneli...
Shadows Of Doubt - Piano & Strings
by Igge Scoce
Music ID: 421029
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$19.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Cinematic Filmscore Theme: Piano and Strings with some Horns and background texture. Reflecting doubtful hope or hopeful doubt. Great for various cinematic use, melancholy, mystery, drama, thriller, d...
Sunsets on Still Waters (Loop)
by Brian Allen Holmes
Music ID: 424268
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$14.95 (A) or $34.95 (B)
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This beautiful solo, electric guitar loop has a very melancholy, almost lonely feel to it. This short piece is perfect for any project needed a mellow, chill, or slightly mysterious mood....
Breaking Through
by Jon Purdey
Music ID: 394657
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$30.00 (A) or $79.00 (B)
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Heavy beat orientated electro rock track. A great mix of synth and wailing electric guitar makes this a versatile piece for movies, TV & advertising. Teen drama, documentary, a sense of loss and melan...
The Last Lion pt2 (edit2a)
by Dennis Dracup
Music ID: 250874
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$7.99 (A) or $15.99 (B)
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Melancholy piano solo in spacious orchestral panorama...
This Is My Story
by Bjorn A. Lynne
Music ID: 296316
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A rich and lush R&B / Downtempo hip-hop instrumental ballad. Slow tempo (64 BPM), urban / hip-hop style drums, melodic strings and piano with a sense of melancholy, storytelling. Good for urban drama,...
Piano Melancholy
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 294451
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$59.95 (A) or $80.95 (B)
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modern cinematic theme with piano, cold flowing beat and synth. Urban melancholy soundtrack. an emotional sad loneliness in city life, longing for a lost love, reflective heartbreak in a somber atmos...
by Emanuele Scandaliato
Music ID: 297832
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Meditation helps you to gain self-control and to become teacher of yourself. Embracing, mysterious and melancholy song , enriched by harmony , that brings to a taste of the East… It’s very suita...
by Ben Henderson
Music ID: 8153
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$4.55 (A) or $22.75 (B)
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A melancholy piece on piano, which gets joined by subtle strings and choir. The piece builds and becomes slightly more tormented as it builds....
Waiting for a Change (Lo-Pass Filter Organ)
by Dan Phillipson
Music ID: 390459
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$49.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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An ambient, pensive, and slightly mysterious track with a sense of melancholy and perhaps sadness, or of a developing, unfolding story, The start of a personal journey or self discovery? This piece ma...

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