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St. Louis Improvisation One
by Antoine Marsaud
Music ID: 22356
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$9.95 (A) or $29.95 (B)
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Church organ improvisation modern music meditative fatal fate destiny fortune kismet doom doomed fated peaceful calm sacral religious church cathedral...
New Age Ambient - Floating winds
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 366745
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$49.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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Mellow and exotic lounge track. Flowing chill out new age for exotic world of ambiance, underwater, tranquility, love and hopes. Hypnotic meditative ambient instrumental with keys, electronic, flute ...
Goodbye Dream Full
by Michael Musco
Music ID: 324221
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$10.00 (A) or $35.00 (B)
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This music has a very sophisticated but relaxing and meditative presence at the same time. The beautiful pad is contrasted by peaceful bells and soft percussion which is gentle and atmospheric. The mu...
Morning Chill (60 sec)
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 254255
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$39.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Reflective and dreamy ambient lounge with clean guitars. Acoustic chill out music, 60 seconds long, with guitar melody down tempo beat and bells. Relaxing, meditative, hypnotic and airy ambience music...
Peaceful reflective acoustic guitar: Cinematic guitar
by Stephan Lindsjo
Music ID: 365892
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$12.95 (A) or $14.95 (B)
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Cinematic reflective laid-back drama guitar. Great as underscore, background or soundtrack in a film, slide show, presentation, slow, motion, etc. Sweet harmonies, Also suitable for relaxed meditativ...
Your Dreams
by Sergey Fedorov
Music ID: 381048
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Light, quiet, serene, meditative, air music. Promotes a relaxation, meditation, derivation from cares and vanity. Excellent example of new age and ambient music....
Meditation Music with Guitar Melody
by Aidao - Music And Photography
Music ID: 335331
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$12.95 (A) or $25.90 (B)
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Gentle, quiet and meditative guitar melody - invites you to relax and dream - suitable as background music, for relaxation, meditation and wellness projects. Please check out my portfolio for other g...
Door Beyond Time
by Dan Pound
Music ID: 28596
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$19.95 (A) or $36.75 (B)
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digderidoo start outs, then very lush layers of synth pads and brass voices emerge creating a meditative, mystical, shamanic, cerimonial atmosphere. Sounds like Steve Roach and Patrick O'Hearn....
by Ricky Schneider
Music ID: 329195
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Flowing spiritual voice and synthesizer. Background for emotional introspection. Textural and evocative. Meditative moods. Whispers of foreboding and evangelism. Religious tones....
Fantasy Light (30 sec)
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 254257
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$19.95 (A) or $29.95 (B)
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Light and dreamy fantasy ambient music. 30 seconds of hopeful fairy tale Lounge, Calm chillout with flute lead, down tempo beat and electric piano. Reflective and relaxed, futuristic and mellow, medit...
Starlight Theme
by Dixie Cannon
Music ID: 410939
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Soft and meditative music in tango style in the main part, the acoustic guitar riff for the introductory part and the wah-wah effect lap-steel guitar. It goes well with the video or slide show about ...
Clear Oxygen (30 seconds Loop)
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 353119
audio waveform
$29.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Light electronic 30 seconds loop for commercial, advertising and corporate music. A world of ambience, tranquillity and hopes. Meditative, floating and clear music. Soft and reflectie ambient instrume...
exoplanetary discovery
by Jon Cooper
Music ID: 68800
audio waveform
$69.99 (A) or $69.99 (B)
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very spacious and atmospheric, distant piano and synth elements, meditative and enlightening,dreamscapes and existence...
Mind & Music - Fields Of Flowers
by Martijn Schrader
Music ID: 394903
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Ambient, new age track warm pads which are creating a dreamy and meditative atmosphere Close your eyes and this track will give you new strong positive energy ...
Lunar Effect Phase Nine (edit)
by Dan Pound
Music ID: 85280
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$19.95 (A) or $49.75 (B)
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Low breathing drone with theramin type whistle synth, piano accents and subtle arrpegiating looping pulse make for this meditative, atmospheric piece. Good for nature, or scenes of space, deep ocean ...
I Feel No Sorrow
by C. Stuart Ridgway
Music ID: 155979
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$9.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Keyboards, strings on soulful, pensive subtextual love theme. Can be a quietly happy ending to film or background on sentimental commercial. Mood is beautiful, meditative, comforting, sensitive, de...
Savanna (60 sec)
by Evgeny Kiselevich
Music ID: 237551
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$40.00 (A) or $80.00 (B)
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Bright and atmospheric new age ambient music. The quiet meditative intro and grooving main part. Great for film, tv score and relaxing background music. ...
Grand river
by Dmitriy Lukyanov
Music ID: 57131
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$44.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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Meditative soundtrack with a great grand river\'s atmosphere.Very good for movie progects travel adventure.Unforgettable atmosphere of jungle and big river.Ethnic travel relaxing...
Heart Of The Earth (60sec Loop A)
by Dmytro Krasiuk (aka Cafe Chaika)
Music ID: 339103
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$49.00 (A) or $98.00 (B)
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Transcendent and meditative progressive psy trance with ethnic elements – shamanic throat singing. Solid beat, deep pulsating bass line and gated vocals. Imagine: spiritual healing, mysterious Tibet...
Love on tongue tips
by Aleckxstar Aleckx
Music ID: 329184
audio waveform
$30.00 (A) or $40.00 (B)
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I used drum beat & synths here. Catchy, hypnotic trip-hop in this beautiful melodic track. ...

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