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My strange soul
by Dzmitry Charnyshou
Music ID: 240114
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$17.00 (A) or $45.00 (B)
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Soul ideas and feelings of the person on a planet. A strange soul. Mysteriousness, calmness, a relaxation, a nirvana, very interesting music in the moderate tempo....
Slow progress in time
by Val Goldsack
Music ID: 187365
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$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Background instrumental track - calmness, peacefulness, floating harps, ...
Just My Luck
by Dzmitry Charnyshou
Music ID: 284693
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$15.00 (A) or $60.00 (B)
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Very positive and optimistic track. Creates an atmosphere of faith in himself, in luck. Do it! Music with bright notes of determination, inspiration and calmness. Reminiscent of a retrospective.In the...
En la Aldea del Puerto
by Equinox Sounds
Music ID: 28199
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$9.95 (A) or $24.95 (B)
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New Age modern classical theme featuring strings, flutes, piano and percussion. Beautiful and romantic melody that brings calmness and tranquility. This track is also included in the track package "ET...
Arriving at Florence
by Andrew Gleibman
Music ID: 114863
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$9.95 (A) or $50.00 (B)
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Feelings of a guest of this beautiful town. Wandering about domes: church bells, voices of angels. Admiring marvelous sculptures; thoughts about Michelangelo and his time......
Light Entertainment
by Eric Bode
Music ID: 118092
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$24.95 (A) or $24.95 (B)
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Ambient, light gentle 30 second signature that inspires calmness and trust. Imagined for use with worldwide, multimedia platforms and can be used with positive and upbeat corporate packages, advertisi...
by Victor Stellar
Music ID: 110594
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$5.00 (A) or $50.00 (B)
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A pleasant melody creates the atmosphere of calmness and aloofness, original sounds and great number of the most beautiful effects....
Walk on bridge
by Dmitry Zamotaev
Music ID: 153980
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$9.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Quiet music. It can be used on TV and radio channels. Associates with calmness, a pacification, rest in the day off. Keyboard, a bass - guitar, drums...
Shaman Psychic
by Rudy Pusateri
Music ID: 158330
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$19.00 (A) or $59.00 (B)
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Meditating in front of the sea, stretched on the beach. This song inhales serenity and mental trips, perfect for documentaries with open spaces or road trips. Even if calm it has a beautiful light gro...
Deep in thought
by Fred Fred
Music ID: 158685
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$9.95 (A) or $49.75 (B)
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Quiet downtempo track with peaceful melody, perfect for romantic, drama, mystery, religion...
by Eric Bode
Music ID: 159549
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$44.95 (A) or $44.95 (B)
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The ultimate chill out piece that swims in a sea of calmness. Can be used in travelogues, natural documentaries and anything else that celebrates the diversity of Mother Nature. A slow meditative beat...
by Top Weapon
Music ID: 288137
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$20.00 (A) or $50.00 (B)
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Track7. It is a track of two DJs DJ Axel and DJ Top Weapon from group Acidheads. This track will send you in a condition of calmness, relaxations, travel to ideas....
Thunderstorms and Rainbows
by Lori Carlsen
Music ID: 198647
audio waveform
$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Our lives are full of motion - be it calmness or rushing, we seem to have within us the colors of the rainbow which our life reflects outwardly....
Winter park at night
by Ozgur Yusuf Cagdas
Footage ID: 214724
$49.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Winter park scenery at night - Dark - Winter - Cold - Cityscape - Park ...
Dragon Air Full
by Michael Musco
Music ID: 313546
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$10.00 (A) or $18.00 (B)
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This relaxing melody combines a new age feel with pacific calmness. The exotic sounds and arrangement makes this perfect for a wide variety of applications. ...
Fairy World
by Zhanna Baltseva
Music ID: 312764
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$49.95 (A) or $69.95 (B)
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Melodic,dreamy track, which can be used as a background for video, flash, websites.Fantastic tune plunges into the atmosphere of fairy tales and magic. Ideal for children’s films, documentaries abo...
My love is Gone
by Sergey Titov
Music ID: 247334
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$8.00 (A) or $20.00 (B)
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Dramatic and calm cinematic music theme. This track is really useful for cinema and movie's trailer. In this theme are used only one piano....
by Eric Bode
Music ID: 251746
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$44.95 (A) or $44.95 (B)
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A cute uplifting track with hang drum, celesta and violins. Light-hearted and full of wonder. Suitable for first date/romance, first time in a big city, rom com or magical/surreal....
Long Way Home
by Jonathan Carlile
Music ID: 273019
audio waveform
$29.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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A slow and piece with strings, harp and voice. Great for moments of calmness in a dramatic film or TV in situations of anxiety & fear during waiting moments. World, Mystery, Drama, Thriller genres....
White Fields
by Bjorn A. Lynne
Music ID: 275212
audio waveform
$39.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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A soft, swaying, and very lush ambient / pop crossover track. Slow washes of pads, ambient textures and downtempo drums create a heavenly, ethereal pop / deep chill sound. Good for relaxation, spa, pa...

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