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ASSASSIN - Action & Chase
by Igge Scoce
Music ID: 421030
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$14.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Modern Action Filmcue reflecting busy action and suspense adventure. Suspenseful driving build up to chase action theme of power drums, percussion and SFX. Various soundscore midpart & hectic chase fi...
SPY GAME - Impending Tension & Action
by Igge Scoce
Music ID: 352995
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$9.95 (A) or $29.95 (B)
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Modern Filmscore: Elegant buoyant suspense building up to chase & action. Paceful, reflecive suspense and cinematic effects. Great for various use, spy thriller action adventure and chase scenes. Anyt...
HALLOWEEN HORROR: Classic Horror Music
by Igge Scoce
Music ID: 275043
audio waveform
$19.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Halloween Horror Music: Fully Orchestral dramatic horror music, with real orchestra & horror SFX. Suspenseful, dramatic and hollywood cinematic. Great for Halloween events, Intros and Presentations et...
Core of the Epic Battle (Power Choir)
by Christian Andersson, Craze Music
Music ID: 391865
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$9.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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A fat epic battle action track, can be looped seamlessly. Great for battles, epic boss fights and intensive scenes in video games, etc. Powerful, suspenseful and tense with threatening brass, huge dru...
nervous anticipation 1- scene music bed
by Charles Orlik
Music ID: 355267
audio waveform
$9.95 (A) or $19.95 (B)
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Suspenseful scene music great for mysteries,thrillers, and action packed adventures!...
CYBER SURVEILLANCE - Impending Tension
by Igge Scoce
Music ID: 421034
audio waveform
$19.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Modern electronic underscore reflecting paceful suspense & action tension. Great for Cyber warfare and Surveillance. Spyware technology, internet piracy and spy games. Also great for thriller suspense...
SPIES & ASSASSINS - Action Suspense
by Igge Scoce
Music ID: 404020
audio waveform
$29.95 (A) or $59.95 (B)
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Modern action crossover soundtrack in 3 parts: 1 Buoyant suspense build up, 2 Hectic Action, 3 Impendings Tension. Great for various cinematic use. Spy thriller, action adventure and chase surveillanc...
Percussive Drums 1
by Dan Foster
Music ID: 376260
audio waveform
$59.00 (A) or $69.00 (B)
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Powerful and tribal percussive music Big Hollywood percussive drums with ethnic drums suspenseful Tension and Action. Ideal for movie trailers. Epic adventures, battle, fight, war, chase, manhu...
Mystery Suspense - Background Layer
by Cinematic Soundtrack
Music ID: 66496
audio waveform
$9.95 (A) or $19.95 (B)
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Mystery or action thriller filmcue: Suspenseful deep backround layer. Pending suspense in rich texture. Great for various cinematic use, ominous backgrounds, action mystery crime suspense. Suspenseful...
Epic Suspense - Trailer Cut
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 378017
audio waveform
$19.95 (A) or $35.95 (B)
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Haunting and epic, dramatic cinematic theme in a modern orchestral awe style. Suspenseful, tense and dark film score with big drums, strings, synth and bells. Fearful and sneaky. 30 seconds trailer in...
Hypnotic Tension
by David Hamilton
Music ID: 233668
audio waveform
$29.95 (A) or $69.95 (B)
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Light suspenseful tension track perfect for reality television results shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, to keep your audience anxious! Low brooding bass, morphing synths, emphatic ...
Closer to the Angels
by T J
Music ID: 324301
audio waveform
$12.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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High Energy Epic and Dramatic Hip Hop Instrumental. High energy track with a suspenseful vibe....
They Will Find You
by Andreas Roskosch
Music ID: 315166
audio waveform
$19.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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A suspenseful track which develops through the use of repeating patterns of striking deep strings which increase tension. The haunting piano rhythm, lurking strings and ambient electric guitars add to...
Apocalypse Bringer
by Randy Lamont Jones
Music ID: 374875
audio waveform
$4.99 (A) or $9.99 (B)
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A low pulsating track with a galloping feel. A pulsating, electric, and suspenseful cue that gradually builds -- perfect for Sci-Fi ...
FINAL VERDICT - underscore
by Dan Foster
Music ID: 41064
audio waveform
$59.00 (A) or $79.00 (B)
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Fresh sounding, Full orchestral piece, suspenseful, mysterious, hauting with piano, strings, percussions. Ideal for suspense, justice,film noir, reflection images....
Shadows 1
by Mark Taylor
Music ID: 28622
audio waveform
$10.00 (A) or $40.00 (B)
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Rising and falling piano lines create a seriously disturbing atmosphere. ( Horror thriller tense tension nightmare ghosts monsters terror suspenseful crime detective adventure spy ghostly 30 seconds j...
Urban Grand
by Ori Vidislavski
Music ID: 234738
audio waveform
$39.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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A mysterious, dark and damp, slowly sizzling Urban underscore track. Suspenseful, moody and sultry. Suitable for crime thriller, urban drama, etc. This track is also available in various versions, inc...
Better Not to Know
by John Herberman
Music ID: 400617
audio waveform
$49.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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Eerie, disturbing and suspenseful. Very ambient. Trance-like repetition of short piano phrases punctuated by string swells. Sparse enough to work with a wide variety of visuals. Two versions are pres...
Cold Stalk
by Colors Of The Dark
Music ID: 382735
audio waveform
$1.00 (A) or $7.00 (B)
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Suspense Suspenseful Religious Black Vampire Hell Devil Evil Sin Trance Enchantress Unholy Supernatural Incantation Surreal Sci-Fi Science all the nicey stuff...
Mysterious Places
by Dvir Zilverstone
Music ID: 385804
audio waveform
$59.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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Mysterious and suspenseful cinematic soundtrack. Featuring haunted organ, epic orchestral drums, symphonic string quartet and sound effect. Tense, atmospheric and dramatic. Best for moderate action sc...

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