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Industrial Energy #5
by Jim Rieder
Music ID: 35254
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$6.00 (A) or $25.00 (B)
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High energy industrial video track with synth loops, drums and accents. Lot's of different places to cut and paste this track. Many moods and textures too....
Industrial Zone
by Samuel Taylor Billings
Music ID: 36955
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$9.95 (A) or $49.75 (B)
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Industrial track, Heavy machines in Rythm, Movie theme, Loud and Urban...
Industrial Craze
by Samuel Dannemiller
Music ID: 190728
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$14.95 (A) or $34.95 (B)
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This song includes many exciting electronic and industrial sounds. The main theme is used throughout the song, with more instrumentation joining after every short drum cadence....
Industrial Liquids
by T.b. Strong Ii
Music ID: 37457
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$15.95 (A) or $25.95 (B)
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The slow flanging on the sequencer gives it a container filling with fluid feel. The reverberation adds depth and a hollowness ideal to reinforce the emptiness and acoustics of a warehouse or manufa...
Corporate Industrial Power Rock
by Bobby Cole
Music ID: 252486
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$19.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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A huge powerful corporate power rock. Quite heavy rock and heavy metal, but also infused with lots of electronics and synth based sounds. A massive drum sound kicks this track into life, and a huge gu...
Industrial Mania
by Scott Ross
Music ID: 181262
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$49.95 (A) or $55.95 (B)
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A hard driving industrial/goth instrumental rock song with huge real drums, pounding synth pads and loops, and soaring guitar melodies. Rowdy and dirty with flowing melodies. Intense track good for hi...
Industrial Electro Jam
by Bobby Cole
Music ID: 248385
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$19.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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A corporate industrial Electro Jam. Great for such a wide variety of applications including industrial, corporate, workforce, motivation, as well as Sci Fi, robots, and anything mechanical or electron...
Industrial Ambience
by Robin Schlochtermeier
Music ID: 65127
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$9.95 (A) or $69.95 (B)
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Industrial ambient electronic track. Ideal as background for a presentation of cutting-edge product or service or for live shows of all kinds. Dynamic and rythmical, with a sense of space....
Everyday Life: Happy Corporate Music
by Geoff Harvey
Music ID: 319194
audio waveform
$9.99 (A) or $39.99 (B)
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Glockenspiel , happy music with hand clapsand busy violin create upbeat music suitable for corporate music theme, business music or commercial music. A lively and feel good musical vibe implies simpli...
Just Cause
by Roland Rudzitis/ David Flavin
Music ID: 118619
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$29.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Energetic electronic track with guitar and orchestration. Cinematic in nature and very machine-like/robotic. Good for a commercial that depicts some industrial product....
Industrial Large Conveyer 5
by Hutch Sfx
Sfx ID: 316184
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$3.99 (A) or $5.99 (B)
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Industrial, Mechanical, Large Conveyor, Stone, Soil, Start, Stop, Short, ...
The Corporation (30-secs version)
by Wesley Devine
Music ID: 245607
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$25.95 (A) or $64.95 (B)
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Shiny, confident, but restrained electronica with a slightly dark edge. Mysterious,with a pulsating drum groove and synth patterns. Always withheld, like hidden strengths. Slightly futuristic, with an...
by Stefano Fucili
Music ID: 422115
audio waveform
$59.00 (A) or $99.00 (B)
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News electronic instrumental bed, CNN, ABC, CBS, Serious business, big deals, lots at stake, big city institutions, industrial forecasts, financial gloom. documentary and for corporate audio visual....
Industrial Pulverizer - HD
by Todd Burks
Footage ID: 104474
$49.00 (A) or $49.00 (B)
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Heavy equipment working slowly crushing pavement on construction site. NOTE: No model/property release for this clip; may be suitable for editorial (news and documentary) usage only....
Industrial Old Electric Motor Arching
by Hutch Sfx
Sfx ID: 316186
audio waveform
$3.99 (A) or $5.99 (B)
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Industrial, Mechanical, Old Electrical Motor Broken, Start, Run, Stop, Electricity Arcing, Buzz, ...
by Dan Foster
Music ID: 13524
audio waveform
$129.00 (A) or $129.00 (B)
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Futuristic yet warm and colourful piece. Ideal for corporate, industrial, high tech images....
Can\'t Hear Myself Scream75
by Jasen Smith
Music ID: 350478
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$9.00 (A) or $30.00 (B)
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A Dark Electro/Industrial groove perfect for corporate videos, Hi tech, Gothic, or Mystical subject matter. Also could be used to highten a mysterious/mystical aspect to a crime documentary. Theme mus...
Banging Industrial Rhythm 6
by Ian Hubball
Sfx ID: 244400
audio waveform
$4.00 (A) or $5.99 (B)
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Heavy mechanical thumping Industrial looping Rhythm with bursts of metallic clangs and screeching creating a dark atmosphere. ...
Factory Operation
by Torian Dixon
Footage ID: 75591
$9.99 (A) or $100.00 (B)
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Uniquely shaded 3 dimensional animation of boxes going down a factory conveyor belt....
Go Ahead Loop One
by Erik Haddad
Music ID: 58386
audio waveform
$7.95 (A) or $7.95 (B)
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A shimmering, sparkling electronic new age flash loop with feelings of optimism and hope. Good for productions involving science, corporate, industrial etc....

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