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Hellbound (Live orchestra, Live choir)
by Pierre Gerwig Langer
Music ID: 50773
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$69.95 (A) or $99.95 (B)
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A huge, pounding tribal drum rhythm is at the core of this powerful, hair raising and hell raising, all-out and full-on majestic action trailer track. Live orchestral instruments and live choir combin...
Creatures In Hell
by Ian Hubball
Sfx ID: 438118
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$4.95 (A) or $25.90 (B)
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Snarling sounds of many demonic creatures tightly packed in hell. Ideal for scary horror backgrounds....
Peaceless Element
by Seven Notes In Black
Music ID: 405994
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$1.00 (A) or $7.00 (B)
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Phobic, dark, and toxic, a reckoning labyrinth which is hard as hell to spell btw of an underscore floor, daunting and emanating evil bliss toolbox atmospheric floor element perfect for evil amiss...
Sounds of Hell
by Justin Knight
Sfx ID: 321780
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$2.49 (A) or $4.99 (B)
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Ever been to hell? Well I have, and it sounds a lot like this effect....
by Dan Foster
Music ID: 343595
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$149.00 (A) or $149.00 (B)
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Full Orchestral piece in the Vein of Hans Zimmer and TWO Steps from Hell. EPIC INTENSE, Filled with wonder & awe, stunningly cinematic. Incredibly moving and emotional piece. Epic blockbuster tra...
Defending the Homeland
by Tim Besamusca
Music ID: 414462
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$49.95 (A) or $99.95 (B)
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Powerful and epic, hybrid orchestral dubstep, trailer style track. Inspired by Two Steps From Hell and Hans Zimmer. Soaring strings, majestic brass, hard hitting drums and dubstep synths. Great for tr...
Dark Land
by Sounds And Effects
Sfx ID: 126414
audio waveform
$8.45 (A) or $8.45 (B)
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Soundscape of a dark scary land. 1:25 in length, there are muffled odd voices, strange rattles and squeeks. Hell-like. Can work for horror, sci-fi, swords and sorcery, wizards, and more....
by Wesley Devine
Music ID: 251563
audio waveform
$39.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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Hectic, stressed and frantic techno-rock mashup. Gritty and dirty, stressed and unnerving, the guitar riff bites relentlessly like a nasty attack dog. This track would go well with fighting and brawli...
by Sylvester Oakes
Music ID: 56506
audio waveform
$19.95 (A) or $64.95 (B)
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Hard electronic sounds create a dark ominous vibe. The style is gothic or industrial rock. Evil awaits all who enter! Fire and brimstone is the name of the game, and all who play will be sent from the...
Tormented Souls Stinger
by Ian Hubball
Sfx ID: 243995
audio waveform
$5.00 (A) or $5.99 (B)
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Terrifying tortured screaming voices in Hell transition that ends in a bang.Very disturbing !...
Horrific Baby Scream
by Isaac Delongchamp
Sfx ID: 158494
audio waveform
$2.00 (A) or $2.00 (B)
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Horrific baby scream, from the pits of hell. Perfect for experimental or horror....
Lets Mosh
by Wesley Devine
Music ID: 251538
audio waveform
$39.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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An energetic, hostile and aggressive Industrial, Hard rock, Breakbeat crossover track. Hard biting guitar riffs, slamming, stuttering and broken drums, nasty synths sputtering evil phrases of destru...
Cries from Hell - Horror Sound Effect
by Thorn FX
Sfx ID: 59337
audio waveform
$8.95 (A) or $19.95 (B)
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Moaning and groaning sounds from hundreds of tortured souls in the depths of hell. A Halloween, horror, fantasy sound effect that works well with big flames and beast sounds....
Kill the Damn Wraith Already Floor
by Colors Of The Dark
Music ID: 405951
audio waveform
$1.00 (A) or $7.00 (B)
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Corridors of the omniscience mind awaken with dark sinister ultimatums and abase shattering reality in a damn conscious surrounding transiently pulsing and hell just not playing nicely Sci-Fi futurist...
Ghost Factory
by Interstellar Music
Sfx ID: 415272
audio waveform
$5.00 (A) or $10.00 (B)
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It's time to go to work..... in HELL! This factory is loaded with scary horror appartitions and sound effects that's a great soundtrack for a Halloween project or scaring the **** out of anybody! This...
Murmouring Souls of Hell
by Sounds And Effects
Sfx ID: 126338
audio waveform
$6.45 (A) or $6.45 (B)
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Souls trapped in hell, murmuring strangely. ---------------------...
Bad Omen
by Brockton James
Sfx ID: 248921
audio waveform
$4.49 (A) or $8.99 (B)
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Disturbing, oscillating choir voices. Great for a paranormal investigation background, haunted house ambiance, bad dream sequence, a gateway to hell, Halloween commercial, etc....
Cold Eyes
by Colors Of The Dark
Music ID: 353878
audio waveform
$1.00 (A) or $8.00 (B)
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Darkness, sanity or insanity, paranormal searches in green lit homes of the dead. Despair and fear abide to a harsh brash evil resolve. Use this atmospheric original score and bring hell home and to p...
Avalons Haven
by Patrick James Slattery
Music ID: 367019
audio waveform
$1.00 (A) or $8.00 (B)
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Surreal, hell, atmospheric, dark cold unfeeling things of nightmares. The perfect element to drive your twisted moment home. A hanging sting for resolving focus pulls or surreal nightmare moments...
Total War (30-secs version)
by Wesley Devine
Music ID: 287619
audio waveform
$25.95 (A) or $64.95 (B)
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Extreme hardcore rock / industrial electro-rock with chuggy, hard biting guitar riffs and a siren like synth makes this track good for mayhem and destruction, extreme danger, warfare / warzone, battle...

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