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Will To Succeed: Inspiring
by Geoff Harvey
Music ID: 405313
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$9.99 (A) or $39.99 (B)
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Inspiring piano chords backed with motivational electric guitar and elegant synth washes create an ideal motivational track designed to inspire and tell a story of achievement. The melody has many emo...
Progress & Achievement - corporate motivational
by Roaming Music Group
Music ID: 379290
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$19.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Corporate Progress & Achievement: Uplifting and Motivational driving Electronica. Great for Corporate Presentations, Conventions, Commercials, Informercials, Background Music, TV Advertising & Busines...
Uplifting moment variation loopable: Corporate pop
by Stephan Lindsjo
Music ID: 379011
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$12.95 (A) or $19.95 (B)
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Inspirational uplifting background pop music for different settings. Promo, slide show, commercial, business, achievement, corporate etc. It's emotional positive pop with motivational background setti...
Time Will Tell
by Dan Phillipson
Music ID: 286989
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$39.95 (A) or $89.95 (B)
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A grand and poignant alternative track which mixes ambient and rock styles to create a progressive, building and strong sounding track that has a real sense of purpose and movement. Inspirational / in...
Swing For The Fences
by C. Stuart Ridgway
Music ID: 61430
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$9.95 (A) or $39.95 (B)
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Guitar and percussion driven, medium tempo, uplifting rock track, gradual build, positive ending, jubilation, celebration, big finish. Think envisioning and ultimately achieving personal goals and dr...
Success And Achievement (Sting A)
by Smm Productions
Music ID: 50886
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$19.95 (A) or $24.95 (B)
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Uplifting and inspiring corporate theme. Full orchestra with gentle choir supported by modern electronica to create corporate music with emotional impact. Great for NEW BUSINESS, SUCCESS STORIES, INSP...
We Achieve Greatness - (Full Version)
by Fresh Ears Audio
Music ID: 404945
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$28.00 (A) or $78.00 (B)
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A motivating theme bringing about images of achievement, success and overcoming obstacles. Perfect for business, sport or lifestyle videos which build to a dramatic conclusion. A gentle piano and stri...
Over The Top
by Gary Wolk
Music ID: 416855
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$14.95 (A) or $29.95 (B)
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Inspired by Coldplay and U2, this track is about winning, achievement, and success. It features drums, bass, piano, strings, and “Irish Echo” electric guitars. Could be used in corporate presentat...
Bright White Light
by Martin Sebastian Holm
Music ID: 326895
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$39.95 (A) or $59.95 (B)
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Very emotionally uplifting and positive pop rock track in the vein of early Coldplay. Evokes a powerful sense of achievement, can-do and team spirit. Motivational, inspiring and empowering. Universall...
Glorious Spirit
by Banging Beats
Music ID: 388963
audio waveform
$14.95 (A) or $39.99 (B)
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Inspirational track with a pumping rhythm and uplifting synthesizers sounds, in a hip hop / urban style. Happy and festive, victorious and glorious. Inspiration, achievement, dreams and aspirations. M...
Moving Spaces (30-secs version)
by Dan Phillipson
Music ID: 78298
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$19.95 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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A very hopeful and inspiring track in the style of 'Chariots of Fire' by Vangelis. Hopes and aspirations, achievement and personal growth. Wonder and discovery, a bright new future. Great for commerci...
Time 4U (Electronica)
by Steve Dafoe
Music ID: 392324
audio waveform
$39.95 (A) or $79.95 (B)
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A modern digital and up-front House Electronica track that pounds out the dance in all of us! An Alto Sax brings experimental elements with a sense of excitement and ultimate achievement. Just going f...
25 Years Ago
by Joey Stebanuk
Music ID: 329169
audio waveform
$35.00 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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A classic rock instrumental that kicks big time ! Energetic upbeat positive motivational. A sense of happiness excitement achievement. Driving rhythm guitar accompanied by melodic lead guitar. Steady ...
Final Frontiers 60 cut 2 (320)
by Simon Brewer
Music ID: 158861
audio waveform
$58.65 (A) or $68.65 (B)
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Powerful, uplifting and motivating track for Corporate, TV, Sport and Cinematic projects. A contemporary orchestral/electronic track with a strong uplifting theme. Very versatile, positive, building a...
Building Your Success
by Michael Havoc
Music ID: 276223
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$29.95 (A) or $59.95 (B)
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Hopeful and uplifting, this bright and happy track sets a great tone for a business that wants a motivational music track for a project. Inspiring textures build throughout and evoke feelings of cele...
The Hour of Triumph
by Dynamedion Royalty-free
Music ID: 34844
audio waveform
$29.95 (A) or $79.95 (B)
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An inspirational, emotional and motivational track heavily inpsired by "Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis. Sports, personal achievement, uplifting, reaching new heights or discovering amazing ne...
Hi Motion
by Colin Willsher
Music ID: 162285
audio waveform
$39.00 (A) or $79.00 (B)
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Hi Motion - A beautiful string arrangement opens this piece which then metamorphosises into a euphoric trance anthem, perfect for sporting or corporate achievement....
Into the Zone (320)
by Simon Brewer
Music ID: 119570
audio waveform
$68.65 (A) or $78.65 (B)
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A strong, determined and motivated feel gives a variety of uses for this track. Ideal for showcasing a message of success, working together, building for a future, corporate quality and reliability. ...
Positive Feeling
by Pinnaudio Music
Music ID: 399961
audio waveform
$30.00 (A) or $100.00 (B)
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“Positive Feeling” has the dreamy, motivational and positive feeling of success, accomplishment, achievement and a great atmosphere – a dreamy and motivational pop/rock track featuring a “guit...
Dream Land Wonder Land
by Joey Stebanuk
Music ID: 326961
audio waveform
$34.99 (A) or $49.95 (B)
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Uplifting instrumental, a sense of purpose, hope, optimism, striving for achievement. An atmospheric dreamy sound with a beat. Nicely orchestrated with layered guitars, flowing, steady. Great for corp...

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