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A Critical Step Along A Sacred Journey
Film company lauded for soundtrack provided by

Utilizing a soundtrack created from royalty free music found on, Producer Bruce Henning and his team at Eagle's Breath Entertainment created a feature length documentary film called "Sacred Journey" that takes lessons from the North American Blackfoot culture and shares them in an inspiring and educational setting.

"We have gotten incredible feedback about the songs that we purchased for our feature length documentary," Henning says of the film's music. "We have several distributors commenting on the quality and focus of the music track, including a woman that has 30 years as a producer and editor in the film business, and is one of our potential distributors overseas."

While catching the attention of international film professionals, the music helps fulfill a very critical function in the film. Henning says, "As the director, I looked at the underlying emotion, and what the proper music places with the texture of a scene that is well orchestrated musically, the music is the soul of the scene."

From a business standpoint, was the perfect fit for Henning's film. "One of the wisest moves we made," Henning says, "was using productiontrax in the post production process, a move we will duplicate time & time again. From a business perspective, it is extremely cost effective, which makes for a better more efficient budget. As a filmmaker this is a perfect solution in many ways."

"Sacred Journey" is a tribute to the Late Rufus GoodStriker Sr., George GoodStriker Sr., (both healers & herbalists - in Hollywood they would be known as "Medicine Men") and one apprentice healer, Leon S. GoodStriker, and the story of his struggle to stay balanced while juggling between his native culture, western culture, and the entertainment industry.

The documentary follows Leon's impressions and thoughts after the death of his father, Rufus Goodstriker Sr., an internationally known Herbalist / Healer. Rufus was in very good company in the Kainai Chieftainship of the Blood Reserve, near Cardston, AB, Canada. Such dignitaries as Dr. David Suzuki, Prince Charles, Adrienne Clarkson, the late Pope John Paul II, Lanny MacDonald, and Premier Ralph Klein, to name a few, were inducted into the Chieftainship during his 20-year tenure.

Leon chooses to finish his apprenticeship with the help of his uncle, George Goodstriker Sr., a process which takes Leon on a journey from inner darkness and pain to find his inner peace and personal power over the course of several years.

"Sacred Journey" is the summation of Producer Bruce Henning's relationship with Leon over the last 11 years and is an awareness tool and teaching tool for those that are searching for those things they cannot find. It is targeted at the Educational Market, including Universities, Colleges, High Schools, Junior High Schools, Non-Theatrical Markets, Public and Private Libraries, Correctional Facilities and Treatment Centers both domestically in North America & overseas. "Sacred Journey" is the first film of its kind to learn from the Blackfoot Culture and share its awareness with those whom are ready to listen, learn & laugh.

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