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Create Your Own Ringtones With Sound Effects
Royalty Free Sound FX Give You a Unique Audio Signature

Do you have a cell phone? Have you ever paid for a custom ring tone? Cell phone companies keep libraries of ring tones for their customers to purchase, but many users are looking for a new or unique sound. The library is a huge resource of potential ring tones. As a source of content for media producers, our music and sound effects collection is comprehensive, with affordable, professional-quality recordings of just about anything you can think of. Just remember that you do not own the copyright to your audio file, so you can't sell or distribute your ringtone (unless you've composed the track yourself). It's for your personal use only!

Maybe you want your equestrian friend’s ring tone to be the horse race call. Or maybe you want monkey sounds when your in-laws call. Let your imagination run wild! You can check out some of our subcategory pages for ideas (Cartoon SFX, Telephones and Ringtones, Animal Sounds, SFX, Ambient, Classical, Loopable, etc.), or search for something in particular. Once you find what you’re looking for, purchasing and downloading your mp3 on Productiontrax is a snap.

Getting a recording onto your phone can be a little complicated, because each mobile phone company has their own unique audio file types. Some internet-compatible phones now recognize mp3 files, and if so, you can start using your ring tone from Productiontrax right away. If not, there are various programs that convert audio files into ring tones. Search for “ringtone maker” or “ringtone creator” and you’ll find a million solutions. Some are web-based services that charge a small fee, and some are inexpensive downloadable desktop applications.

Using ring tone creators is usually straightforward. On websites like Xingtone and Tonebee, you upload your track, edit or crop it on the website, and enter your telephone model and phone number. The website will convert the audio file into the appropriate type for your phone, post the file on their website, and send a text message to your phone with a link to download your new ringtone. Obviously, this will only work if your phone supports text messaging and is internet-compatible. Desktop ringtone creators such as WavePad, DJ ToneXpress, or Ringtone Creator work in the same way, but right on your desktop.

So have some fun, browse our archive, and find yourself a weird, wacky sound that no one else has heard before. After all, if our music and sound effects are good enough for professional media creators, they’ll be good enough for your phone!

Phast phone phacts:

Market research shows that over 1.15 billion cell phones were sold in 2007, up from 990 million in 2006. With the global census clock currently at just over 6.5 billion, that’s approximately one cell phone purchased in 2007 for each six current residents of planet Earth. Not owned- purchased! Cell phones have been accepted the new standard of telephone communication across the globe, and with that acceptance has come the rise of small luxuries like personal ring tones. In 2006, cell phone providers brought in over $500 million from ring tone sales.


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