I studied piano at the "G.B. Martini" conservatory in Bologna. In 1985 I recorded some of my songs with the bands Silvery Down and Nice & Style for Cicco Records in New York and for Match Records in Bellinzona, Switzerland. I worked as an arranger at Chorus Studio in Bologna. I performed on Telethon (on TV) and in many cultural festivals playing my compositions on the piano. I also did many church organ concerts. In 2002 I performed with the Didi Balboni band. I've been playing with the Genesis cover band DOMINO since 1996. We perform live and we are currentlly recording a double CD. In April 2005 'One Side Live' DVD was released. Filmed live in Trieste on September 15, 2004, it captures a very energetic performance on a big stage in the evocative main square of the city. Since 2004 I've been sitting in with the band PANZER. We play 70's Disco music and rock from the 80's. In 2004, my first cd 'Proxima' was released. I recorded the songs for 'Proxima' in my home studio. Listening to the album, we are carried through different musical landscapes, from new age atmospheres to classical piano tracks, from a bagpipe on the hills of Scotland to a pipe organ in Notre Dame and a few other things in between. In 2009, my second solo cd 'Emak' was released. Now, I'm working to my third cd, made up piano solo pieces.

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