Montreal, QC, Canada

Interested in music by the age of twelve, he started learnig saxophone in the harmony class in high school. His parents offered him a guitar on his thirteenth anniversary. Thanks to bands like U2, The Cure, Depeche Mode, INXS and Rush, his desire to make music is becoming bigger and bigger. Later, music leads him to Lionel-Groulx College to study jazz and pop music. He studied guitar with Gilles Pinard and Samuel Balderman and percussions with Dany Richard and Jacques Masson. In 1998, having been part of several bands, he decided to start an album project with some folks from college. This project will take two years to record, becoming the first album of the french band Bacterie. This first opus climbed the charts of rock and alternative radio stations. The band did a tour throughout Quebec. Martin founded and directs the Music Academy of Lorraine since 1999. In early summer 2010, he self-released the album ‘Music For Your Soul’, a compilation of his recent instrumental work. In the mean time, he composed the song ‘As Long As You Wish’ for the soundtrack of Steve Balderson’s upcoming movie ‘The Casserole Club’. He is currently composing music for licensing for films, tv, games, commercials and selling his music all over the world, from China to the U.S.

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