Silver Spring, MD, United States

While moving between the sonic realms of noir, pastoral, gothic, eastern, classic and modern, Marcus Webb (formally known as Michelle Webb) creates textural sound environments influenced by instrumental 50's and 60's guitar twang Americana plus global psychedelic music, 80's synth / soundtrack culture and 90's shoegazing. Marcus Webb studied music with guitar great Thomas Newman and Ted Dunbar and attended Oberlin Conservatory. Returning to New York he pursued a musical career working alternately as a recording studio assistant, session musician and club DJ. In 2009 he took his World Jazz band The Marcus Webb Trio (Subliminal Six Music) on a tour to Canada. Simultaneously pastoral and modern, spaghetti western and noir, electronic and organic, Webb’s compositions live in the landscape of an all encompassing American music skyline and conjures up images of everything from b-movie classics and big sky country with a seedy back door guitar style punch.

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