Ricardo Xavier was born in Taubaté – Brazil. Guitarrist since 1985, he nas been involved in music composition, production and its continuous research and study. He was oriented by some great teachers and musicians in Brazil as such: Jimi Ferreira (classical guitar tuition) at the local music conservatory in Taubaté city. Livio Tragtenberg and Florivaldo Menezes were who introduced him to contemporary and electroacoustic music styles. Later he joins the group of students at Studio Panaroma (Fasm, Unesp – São Paulo from 1996 to 1998). In 1998 he attends a course in Germany under Karlheinz Stockhausen orientation (The first edition of "Stockhausen Courses Kurten"). The course was about Stockhausen's music analysis and composition. In the last years, he has been working as a composer, guitarrist, recording studio technician and producer in his own studio. Ricardo Xavier is an acting composer and has been writing several works for a variety of instruments and group formations including the orchestra. Classical, jazz, "fusion", rock, soundtracks, experimental and electroacoustic music are the music which has influenced him over the years.

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