Prosium. Started making drum'n'bass music relatively recently, since late 2009. He started with simple drum beats with different low speed - up to 150 beats per minute. But with the acquisition of skills, experience with the operation time could be seen as increasing the quality of tracks and the actual speed. Those first successful rhythms were fixed with each new track, and thus became an example to follow music. Music is characterized by sub-genres Prosium'a oldschool, intiligent and soulful. But beyond that, sometimes you can catch some dark touch darkside. You can also say that the drum and bass Prosium'a has a meditative tone, which successfully combined with the shock and bass lines. It is possible that this style is appreciated by music lovers liquid, which is known for its softness and melody of rhythm. According to Prosium'a, only music can tell about a person than anyone else was. To date, it is already written several of his own tracks, which in future may be able to keep pace with contemporary hits known producers.

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