Blue Island, IL, United States

Rooted in classical music, Vince has proven his skills as a well-rounded composer in the music field. Winner of a Chicago Musicians Award for \"Best Keyboardist\" by the Illinois Entertainer, Vince has become a fixture on the Chicago music scene as well as internationally with his music used all over the world. In 2000 he and composer partner Kathyjo Varco formed the music production house Big Sound Music and released a music library of compositions, ranging from quirky lullaby\'s through truly-funky street rhythms, all the way to earnest and quite moving orchestral themes. He initially scored several campaigns for political guru David Axelrod, and then broke into broadcast television with compositions for Speed Channel, Discovery and The History Channel. His knowledge of music, at its core, shows through in his sensibilities when writing for any genre and has a way of tapping in with precision.

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