Suzie's musical destiny has taken her on a voyage of discovery around globe , performing as an artist with a world known company : Cirque du Soleil. Motivated by the desire to communicate with the diverse cultures she's met along the way, she also pursued another passion : hunting for sounds. For the last 15 years, Suzie has devoted her spare time of collecting little jewels of sounds and images. Her encounters with this multitude of countries, cultures, languages, traditional and tribal instruments inspired the artist to produce songs that can best be defined as a musical mosaic. Suzie invites you into a magical landscape of world music, inspired by the extraordinary company of clowns, pantomimes, dancers, actors, acrobats, contortionists, musicians, singers, little people and even giants. And the list goes on ! The captivating beauty of our planet is sometimes better heard than seen. As the composer traveled the world, recording the uncommon and molding it into music, Suzie hoped to bring you within hearing distance of remote sound-scapes and share with you the sonority of the Aborigine’s Outback, the hum of throat singing, and the resonance of entire oceans. Even in the quietest corners of the globe, silence gives way to unlikely musicians : crickets, cactus needles, water droplets. World music is everywhere, for those who will lend an ear. Suzie is pleased to invite you on a musical odyssey into the world as she heard it. Close your eyes, open your ears, and enjoy the journey !

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