Kalamazoo, MI, United States


In the world of music Geoff Stockton is somewhat of a hidden treasure. He's well known and respected among musicians, professional and aspiring as well as active local listeners in his hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan (a hip little city) as a musician and teacher capable of many styles and rolls. On Youtube, he's also earned much respect as a jazz instructor, teaching college level chord/scale and melodic theory with a great deal of detail and unique personal insight. He's reached a subscriber-ship in the thousands which is considerably strong for one man posting jazz guitar lesson videos directly from his iPhone. For the last decade, Geoff has worked as a local performing musician in a widely varying number of musical settings including progressive, psychedelic, roots and hard rock bands as well as jazz, soul, r&b, blues, country and folk bands the whole time, dazzling his audience with imaginative and informed improvisations and the classy "aim-to-please" restraint and intuition found in his rhythm section playing. He's played to thousand plus crowds at the Royal Oak Theater in Royal Oak, the Arcadia Stage in Kalamazoo and Van Andel Arena in grand rapids, opening for national acts to some very positive reception. During that decade he's also maintained a full-time teaching schedule at the Marshall School of Music just outside of kalamazoo, where he has taught hundreds of guitarists, young and old. Held in high regard by his colleagues, Geoff has produced every bit of instructional material that he uses in his studio which amounts to hundreds of pages of very accurate song and solo transcriptions and hundreds of pages of scales, chords, exercises, graphs and charts conveying a wealth of theoretical and practical music knowledge. Much of this knowledge has been complied by him into the Big Serious Guitar Book, a 360 page guitar manifesto that covers a lifetime of study and experience.. All these achievements are considered by Geoff to be of a peripheral, almost inconsequential nature. He has spent every free waking moment he can, studying and practicing the crafts of songwriting, arrangement and production. These crafts, to Geoff, are the holy trinity of music and are not taken lightly. "I've always had a really keen ear for the big picture and hence; a high standard for myself when it comes to the creative product, which is why I'm 35 years old and it's just now that I'm really trying to get my music out there. At this point, I've learned what I need to confidently call myself a professional level writer/producer, I'm ready to share and ready to work."

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