John started with(The Rave-Ons) pop group.Vocalist Brian Fowler.Appeared on the bill with popular artists (The Animals)(The Apple-jacks)(Wayne Fontana)to name but a few.A self taught multi instrumentalist started writing at the age of eighteen.Had music placement including (Take The High Road, BBC Scotland ).(Look North, BBC Hull).(BBC Ulster, signature tune).(ITV).(BBC Bristol, Radio).(BBC Somerset Sound, Radio).(Seven Deadly Sins, Richard E Grant).(Ghost Adventures, Really).(Little Big World TV1 Finland).(The Minnissippi River, Joerg Daiber).(Wheeler Dealers).(This Is Autism,Louiz Theraux).((The Heart Of A Dancer ,Feature Film USA).(Sneezing Baby Panda The Movie,Wild Candy Productions Australia).(History Of Bank Of America).(Breaking Amish,Discovery).(Gars Le Soir ,Canadian TV).(Biketacular, Discovery).(Ralph Lauren ,Promo).(Preposterous Pets).(American Facts V Fiction).(Pop Illusionist).(UK Aerobics).(Wired Maqazine).(Simon And Schuster,Author Video).(Photodex USA).(Acapulca Shore).(Nestea Web Add).((Tachsoch Mimeni, Izrael).(Insane Pools Off The Deep End).(Petco, Promo).(TV City Rag Christmas Radio Show, signature tune).(Uchiyuuno Nakano Watashi, Film Japan).(ACR, Australia).(Chaz Ortiz Skating In Chicago).(Dakota Roche V Aaron Ross BMX champs, quiz).(Barbados Radio).(Austrian Broadcast) and many more.

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