Yinon Oved is a music composer, sound designer and producer specializing in Trance music since 1996. Yinon bases his style on the variety of elegant, modern, electronic music and his work typically is consumed by the electronic music cohorts as well as universal organizations. Focusing on the latest sounds, technology, ideas and fresh music method, Yinon self-forms sweeping, quite radical, harmonies and melodies, normally in close proximity to genres such as psychedelic, trance, classical fusion and new age. Self-discipline is fundamental to the creative process and is very much expressed in his music. While striving to express different types of music within the Psychedelic Trance, he brings a new style and different arrangements which break through the boundaries of styles fused in his oeuvres. He has recently become affiliated with with the world reknown studios: CinE-Music Studios owned by the music production company Indiscope Audio.

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