I was born in Miami, Florida on the 5th day of 1983's July . Until now, my life has been evenly divided between residing in Colombia and the United States. As a consequence, my schooling has also been divided; as a result I read, speak and write both English and Spanish fluently. Currently I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a steady job, and in my off-work hours, I am dedicated to my principal personal passion—Music. Though I have not studied formally in any musical institution, I am largely self-taught; my musical development has come largely from within from an innate sense of musical styles and cadences. Music is my personal passion and my goals are oriented toward developing a life-long vocation in the field. I dedicate a part of every day to furthering this goal. I have been a drummer since I was very young, and since then I’ve meticulously acquired expertise in an immense variety of instruments. As we all have noticed, technology has opened many doors (internet, email, cell phones), and a great deal of my time is spent in writing soundtracks for various clients and other musicians as well. This work gives me contacts in the industry, and further develops my own expertise. The soundtracks I write are then put on CD’s or digital files and sold to be used at the client’s discretion. The music is based on perception, the titles are carefully designated to each project after completion according to memories, recollections of sounds stamped in my mind (similar to smelling some cologne that takes us back to a specific moment stored in our memory) or things I feel and imagine when going over the songs many times. An analogy of the effect this process has on the listener would be found in going to the theater to watch a 3D movie per say, 3D glasses: the title, on-screen movie: the song; the title gives it’s own color to the lens thru which the music is perceived.

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