Born in Angola (Luanda) on January 11th of 1972, started his musical studies on the Academia de Amadores de Musica de Lisboa (Amateur Musical Academy of Lisbon). In the National Conservatory of Lisbon, concluded, on the Class of the Professor Bom de Sousa, the complementary course of Piano. Also in the Conservatory, he became interested by composition lead by the hand of his friend and teacher Eurico Carrapatoso. For that reason, chose to follow the course of composition when enrolled in the Superior School of Music in Lisbon (E.S.M.L.). In this school, he had the opportunity to work with some of the most influent teachers and composers of the national musical field, such as Prof. Cristopher Bochmman, Antonio Pinho Vargas or Sergio Azevedo. After finishing the composition course, he joined the Superior National Academy of Orchestra (A.N.S.O.). Concluded, in August of 2002, the course of Orchestra Direction on the class conducted by Jean-Marc Burfin. Was a member of Lisbon Chamber Choir from 1992 to 2000, where under the conducting of Terezita Gutierrez Marques and along with an intense activity in national territory, had the opportunity to participate in various concert tours abroad, giving the world a chance to know what is made the best in Portugal through a choral music level. Recorded, also, in this choir several records, having one of them included some compositions of his own. In 1999, one of his harmonizations is published on the A.C.A.L. (Lisbon Choir Association) in their Cancioneiro Antologico of Choral Repertoire. Recently, also the Ricercare Choir recorded a compact disk with some of his harmonizations. He has been conducting regularly and with great public success, the Foco Musical Orchestra, whith whom he had the opportunity to perform for the first time in 2001 the cantata O Conquistador for Choir and Orchestra of composer Jorge Salgueiro. He is a teacher of Analysis and Composition Techniques and he has under his care the management of all general choir classes and Composition in the school of Music Antonio Maldonado Rodrigues, in the Association of Fisica de Torres Vedras.

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