Clermont, FL, United States


I am a composer/producer who lives in the Greater Orlando Florida area. I've worked in the Haunted Attraction Industry for most of my life. I have been one of the leading De-Composers for fans of Halloween, Gothic / Horror, the Haunted Attraction & Theme Park Industry for over thirteen years. So who the heck am I ? I'm still trying to figure that one out myself. First and foremost I am a huge fanboy. I love all things imaginative. I'm into comics, video games,movies,Sci-Fi, horror, fanstasy and New England sports teams. I attend fan cons, along with tradeshows, as often as I can. I wear the badge of being a nerd and/or geek with honor. I also grew up in the 80's when Hair Bands and synth sounds ruled the airways. Since the age of 12 I taught myself how to read music and became interested in cinematic scores from a wide range of composers. Music went on hold for many years as I pursued a theatrical career working both in community and professional dinner theater. For a few years I worked at Universal Studios Orlando with The Horror Make-Up Show and The Alfred Hitchcock Presents Show. During that time the music that was piped around the park really reached out to me and I decided to bring my music knowledge to the next level. I started private lessons with the goal to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. I attended Berklee and during my time their got a few gigs composing/producing music for first Haunted Attractions and then other Theme Parks. It is a great way to mix my passion for music along with my passion for the imaginative. My CDs are the result. Thanks For Listening, Frank Petruccelli

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