The Lips Desire project (Sandro Chillemi and Max Crocetti) born around the middle 'of the 80s during the boom of the "Dance music Sound". Early steps see the band deal with the first electronic synthesizer purchased with many sacrifices and "attacked" to the legendary home stereo recording, and then recording their music on 4-tracks recorder Tascam (do you remember them)? Much experimentation, drum machines Simmons played in the studio by Sandro and various samplers (who remembers the Mirage of Ensoniq) played by Max in the studio for hours and hours of uninterrupted live tests. Then came the first sequencer on commodore 64 (the fantastic pro16/pro24) and then on Atari ST 1040. The music began to change, and then from a period with a sound typically electronic, it came to the production of the first commercial dancne sog (in 1996) twhich resulted in the project Shanette "Shine on" to label IDM WEA. Lips Desire always have recourse to the cooperation of male and female vocalist such as with the song "Shine On" starring Brunella Platania or "Take me Higher" starring Sima Marks and their great friend Riki Rey. In 2000s created the Pink Caffeine project on, unforgettable site of free music with the presence of tens of thousands of incredible indie artists. Reach one million downloads and 5 million of plays in just a year of presence on the site. Today Lips Desire have a studio with many respected professional equipment hardware (mixer, synth, 4 personal computer linked, music software etc.) that can create sounds and songs more and more beautiful and unique. The years go bye but the music passion is the same!

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