Buffalo, NY, United States

Buffalo born and raised. 25 years old chasing a dream career at any cost. Involved with music since a was just a child. I draw my influences from many areas of music, some on opposite sides of the spectrum. I get inspired by many things outside of music, things in nature such as the weather, and things in my city. I am very fond of any and all things industrial and mechanical, especially the old, worn down buildings / mills / factories in the abandoned industrial areas of my city from when they were a major steel manufacturing city back in the 1800s and 1900s. Always looking for new unique sounds and ways to create new sounds for use in my projects.

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688011 Autumn Onset
by Soundevour


385639 No Apologies
by Soundevour


92761 Heist Night
by Soundevour


62566 Black Tie Affair
by Soundevour


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