Mehmet Can ?ñzer was born in 1981. His professional career started when he was accepted to Bilkent University FMPA composition division with full scholarship. After graduating, he was accepted to Conservatoire de G?©neve as first master‚Äôs degree student since 1835. In 2005 he moved to Turkey and took a job in Baskent University as a Lecturer. He has awarded in Halici-Midi Composition Competition (1998), Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition (2003, 2007) and honored with Goethe Institute Artist Award (2006). He has performed in several international festivals such as Bourges (France), AudioArt (Poland), Remusica (Kosovo), Busan Biennale (Korea), Pyramidale (Germany), Acousmania (Romania), SMC (Greece), Generator (Switzerland), Electro-Globe (Belgium). Apart from domestics, he received commissions from I.M.E.B. (France) and Musiques-Recherches (Belgium) and has invited from their studios to realize a piece. In 2005 he has started an electroacoustic music concert series in Ankara and organized many concerts up to the present day. Currently he is working on his software ‚ÄúAsure‚Äù and giving concerts with it. Mehmet Can ?ñzer‚Äôs instrumental compositions also played in several places and he continues to write for both instruments and electronics.

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