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Incorporating Video Clips and Sound Effects in PowerPoint
Enhancing your next presentation with royalty free media creates a lasting impression

Adding video

Adding stock footage video clips to a PowerPoint project is an effective way to enhance interest and excitement to a presentation.  Incorporating video to any PowerPoint presentation, with proper hardware, is simple but complications are bound to occur when incorrectly adding a video clip.  It is important to keep in mind that elaborate videos will often confuse an audience and distort the intended message. Keep a presentation clear and the message straightforward. Follow these steps to add video to a PowerPoint project: 

  1. Bring up the PowerPoint slide in which you want to integrate a video clip.
  2. At the Insert menu, go to Movies and Sounds, then select Movie from File
  3. Once a file has been selected a black box will appear which can be resized and moved accordingly.  If the video clip is in .gif format, it will automatically play for the entire time the slide is up, select Automatically.  If the video clip is in .avi format, you will have the option select when the video clip will play, select When Clicked (unless you want it to start playing right away).  

Adding sound

Incorporating sounds effects or royalty free music is an excellent way to add character and professionalism to a project.  Whether used entirely as background or to begin and end a presentation, integrating music and sound is great for setting the tone and leaving lasting impressions.  A sound file comes in many formats, from MP3 to wav files.  Follow these steps to add music and sound to your project:

  1. Bring up the PowerPoint slide in which you want to add music or sound effects.
  2. To add music or sound effects from a local drive, go to the Insert Menu, point to Movies and Sounds, then select Sound from File.
  3. An Insert Sound box will show, select OK.

Prior to adding video clips or sound effects to a project bear in mind these tips are to supplement a presentation. Certain circumstances, such as inadequate hardware, may compromise the presentation altogether. But if all the details are considered, a PowerPoint presentation with music and sound ought to be a hit.

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