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Royalty Free Music Helps Send A Message
Independent British action/comedy sets the tone with gritty Productiontrax soundtrack

Independent UK-based studio Deliverance Films recently finished their surreal action comedy “Curse of the Bands”. Scriptwriter and director Shahid Karim’s 30-minute film debut pits two gangs of quirky oddballs against each other in a battle over a pair of magical bracelets. 25-year old Karim is also a screen fighter, and “Curse” alternates between character-based humor and action-movie combat.

Through his work, Shahid hopes to send a positive message to the world's youth. Deliverance Films, a family oriented production company, was established to bring forward refreshing material and offer new talent to the larger public. "As the Director of Deliverance Films, I started out wanting to produce films that express and convey myself through physical acting," Shahid says. "I've always found it especially rewarding when I get youngsters admiring my efforts and abilities. So from this I like acting roles of good role model types in films that advocate positive ideas and lead a good example to others. I want to fill the void left by a shortage of decent role models."

The film was shot in Nottingham, England using a single DV digital camera.  Karim used Roxio Videowave for editing, and Executive Producer Fazal Karim used Audacity for sound mixing.  It was shot in under three weeks and edited in only four months. 

Shahid’s sister, composer and music supervisor Saleena Karim, composed some music for the movie, and chose to also use music from for key scenes.  “We wanted a largely gritty rock soundtrack, and also something in places to emphasize the surreal aspects of the film,” said Saleena. “The pieces we went with in the end really helped to give the film the desired effect. In particular ‘Ownage’ by Dimitris Plagiannis, which was used in one of the final scenes and in the trailer, and ‘Static Empire’ by Jon Knox, really helped to bring that across.  We’re definitely very happy with the end result.”

Deliverance has submitted “Curse of the Bands” to several film festivals, including the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Darklight Film Festival in Ireland, and are hoping to get it aired on the UK’s Community Channel.

For more information, check out the Deliverance Films website at


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