Royalty free music & production music library, Sound effects, stock footage and stock photos.

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Royalty Free Music, Sound Effects, Stock Footage & Stock Photos

How it works
What You Do You open a free account, and upload the music tracks, sound effects, stock footage and photos you wish to sell online. There's no limit to the number of digital items you can sell, and creating an account is instant and secure. For each item, you set the retail price and get paid every month when your media gets sold. It's as easy as that.

What We Do We host your media files securely on our servers, making sure no one can access your file until they pay for it; handle all of the online payments and credit card processing; market our website to multimedia producers and music seekers worldwide; provide world class customer support; track your sales, and pay you every month (65% of your retail price) for the items that have sold. We can even upload your music or footage for you!
What it costs
Creating a Contributor account at is free. There are no additional costs of using the productiontrax service, and no monthly fees. Your account is good for life!
What makes us different?
Compare us to those other libraries:
Free file submission and hosting
Cue sheets filed for broadcast use
Non-Exclusive Agreement
Monthly Payments
Complete Sales Reporting
Multiple Contributors on a Single Account
Set Your Own Prices
Highest Royalty Split in the Industry: 65% with No Earnings Tiers
Superb Tech Support
We actually care about your success!