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Production Music Aids Medical Community
Royalty Free Music an Integral Part of

When her father died after a 12-year struggle with Alzheimer's disease, Dr. Phyllis Staff morphed from caregiver to woman on a mission. For a dozen years, she had focused on how to care for the elderly. Now, she became even more focused on learning what people could do to prevent the disease the World Health Organization has called "epidemic."

As an experimental psychologist, Staff is skilled in searching, reading, and evaluating scientific research, so, naturally, she went to the research literature. In the pages of medical journals, she discovered more than 100 tactics that have been successful in preventing or delaying dementia.

Then her mission moved from learning to sharing. Needing to present what she had learned in a format that would both inform and motivate, she created a short video. "To complement my photos and text, I wanted music that was not only upbeat but conveyed a sense of urgency. I wanted to persuade my viewers to take action immediately, sidestepping the human tendency to avoid change," says Staff.

For that, she turned to for affordable royalty free music. Upon hearing the preview of Rocket Man by composer Victor Spiegel, Staff says, "I knew I had found just what I needed. Short, uplifting, hypnotic, with just the right sense of urgency, it is now an integral part of the video."

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