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New Stock Media This Week

Scary royalty free music and s-s-sound effects::  #creditsarelame has all new production music and sound effects, as well as footage and photos for any mutlimedia project. Check out what our contributors have been creating for you this week, just in time for your Halloween projects.

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New Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects

Spooky Royalty Free Horror Music

With Halloween lurking around the corner, get a jump on scaring the living daylights out of your audience this year with these gut wrenching, terrifying production music tracks. Our composers have been busy conjuring up ways to bring back the dead with these frightening music soundtracks for horror films, Halloween cards, and other sinister projects.

315450 Rise Monster by Randy Lamont Jones
315252 Horrorscape Main Mix by Alec Makinson
315067 Journey Into Darkness by SMM Productions

Creepy Avant-Garde Classical Music

Whether your score needs serialism or an atonal mess, we've got your avant-garde music needs covered. Not just weird for the sake of weird, but these classical music tracks can set the mood with just the right amount of space, tension, or creepiness you need. Avant-garde music is a perfect alternative to traditional horror tracks.

312526 Beyond the Blue by Bogdan Bonin
312219 Faustian Bargain (Intro) by Cafe Chaika
311328 Without You - Piano 7 Hands by Emlyn Ellis Addison

Action & Adventure Film Scores

Add to the suspense with these action-packed, fast-paced, dramatic and epic music beds. From full orcehstra to cutting edge techno and rock, these royalty-free action and adventure tracks are game changers for any high-octane production, scary or not. Add a little treat to your bag of action tricks for your next project. Seriously, I just type what's given to me.

313170 Assassin - Action & Chase Adventure by Igge Scoce
307807 Glory & Honour by Sean Brattan
295392 Glory to the Brave One by Christian Andersson

Scary Halloween Horror Sound Effects

These sound effects are so realisting and frightening, they're guaranteed to scare even the most annoying 12 year old on the block. Whether you need sfx for a greeting card, video porject, or vide game, is your one-stop-shop for scary stuff.

315489 Heavy Laugh Left Right by Asparuh Tashev
314160 Creaks by Tony Frossard
312879 Short Scary Sample by Di Evantile

New Stock Footage
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