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New Stock Media This Week

Productiontrax music n' footage is da bomb, yo ::  #creditsarelame has all new production music and sound effects, as well as footage and photos for any mutlimedia project. Check out what our contributors have been writing for you this week.

Have you used media from in your project? Tell us about it! Send us photos, links, articles and we'll feature you on our site and in our blog, like these guys.

New Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects

Intense Action & Adventure Music

Whether your hero is on horseback crossing the countryside or keeping a runaway bus from exploding into pieces, has the soundtrack for any action/adventure flick. Also great for travel and documentaries too!

310071 Big Driving Adventure (FULL) by Zhanna Baltseva
301147 SPY GAME - Impending Tension & Action by Igge Scoce
289559 Rise of an Empire by Christian Andersson

Romantic Smooth Jazz Tracks

Go ahead light up the fireplace, break out some wine, and dance the night away to the smooth sounds of these dangerously romantic royalty free smooth jazz tracks. These production-ready tracks feature saxes, guitars, and everything sexy to complete any sensual project.

308435 Air On The G String by Stuart Moore
307998 Jazzy Lounge Groove by Laurent Bruning
307083 The Player by Steven Loxford

Killer Trance Production Cuts

Get your rave on with these slammin' trance mixes. Perfect for dance, party, and rave source music, or even as backgrounds for high-tech logos and presentations, these tracks feature some of the best electronica around. Just keep your tounge away from the socket.

51111 EPIC TRANCE 1 by Dan Foster
311409 Uplifting Trance Theme by Shawn Breeze
308667 DreamGroove by Clyde Mohanty

Beeps and Hits Sound Effects

Perfect for web design, flash, game development, or as an annoying office email chime to bug the crap out of your neighbor in the next cubicle. You know who you are.

311292 Hall Kick by Nikolay Overchenko
306578 Space Beep by Matthew Humphrys Andrew Beverley
296474 Bonus Points 2 by Ian Hubball

New Stock Footage
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