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New Stock Media This Week

Summertime, and the livin' is royalty free ::  #creditsarelame has a ton of new music, sound effects, stock footage and photos this week, check out some of the highlights below. Watch for our new site design -- unveiling really soon!

Have you used media from in your project? Tell us about it! Send us photos, links, articles and we'll feature you on our site and in our blog.

Hot 30-second Advertising Spots

Fresh for summer, we've got your 30-second television and radio spots covered for a fraction of the price of those other guys. Available in styles from rock and pop to classical to laid back grooves, we've got the 30-second production music track you need for your next commercial project.

304718 Positive Life Loop by Alexander Polishchuk
303384 Soft Smell by Stephan Lindsjo
305048 Really Dirty 30sec full mix by Trax 4 Ads

Fly Hip-Hop Soundtracks

Hip-hop is the new defacto standard for TV themes, advertising, and just plain awesome soundtracks. Lay down a phat groove with some chill lines, and watch the benjamins roll in. Check these fly tracks, yo:

301083 On The Town by Damian Martin Turnbull
302947 What's Up? by Tony Lopez
301729 Massive House (Full) by George Giampietri

New Category: Dramedy Tracks

If you're not quite ready for a serious relationship yet, avoid the commitment with dramedy. Check out these tracks in our brand new dramedy category, with light but romantic, spacey orchestras, tongue-in-cheek themes, and other useful production music cues for the not-so-serious.

304439 Tender Thinking by Terique Greenfield
304045 Art Is Free by David Bateman
303480 Doggy Character main by Alec Makinson

Real Animal Sound Effects

Get outdoors and become one with nature with these true-to-life animal sound effects. From howling wolves to grunting pigs, we've got the foley work you need to make your soundtrack come alive. Check out these hi-definition sfx from contributor Nico Smit:

304927 Southern double-collard sunbird by Nico Smit
304926 Sheep and bells 02 by Nico Smit
304768 Black-backed jackal calling by Nico Smit | 11811 North Tatum Blvd. Suite 3031, Phoenix, AZ 85028 USA