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New Stock Media This Week

Hot new royalty free music and sfx ::  #creditsarelame has a ton of new music, sound effects, stock footage and photos this week, check out some of the highlights below. We promise, the redesign is coming really, really soon, packed with new features to make your Productiontrax experience better than ever!

Have you used media from in your project? Tell us about it! Send us photos, links, articles and we'll feature you on our site and in our blog.

Epic Dramatic Film Moods

Tell the story with ease with these fresh new tracks. Whether you need a little suspense, or just something to keep things moving along, these new dramatic film moods will provide enough drama to make your project a success. Check these out for starters:

302122 Pirates in the Bay by Christian Andersson
302053 Subtle Passion by Tim Brown
301425 The Epic Force by Bobby Cole

News and Current Affairs TV Themes

Grab attention and command respect from the first beat. Whether you've got a hard-hitting news show, or need something that says you're authoritative and trustworthy, these news and current affairs themes are a producers best friend. Notable this week:

301940 Bright News Theme by Vitaliy Pushchyn
300530 Smart People by Dan Foster
300462 Top Award Full Theme by Alec Makinson

Fresh Classic Rock Cuts

Summer is here, and let the good times roll. Rock n' Roll, that is. Drop in one of these fresh rock tracks and take your project to the next level. Perfect for youth and presentations, these tracks will add energy and good vibrations any way you want it, just the way you need it. Rock on with these new trax:

300821 Zepped Up by Gary Wolk
300587 So You Think You're Tough by Joey Stebanuk
300214 Misfits by Space Taster

Scary Horror Sound Effects

From gross to ghoulish, we've got your horror sounds covered. Drop in a stab, a scream, and a splatter for the creepiest soundtrack you've ever delivered. Check out these effects to start your search... we dare you:

302111 Stab Sound by Jan San Fx
301761 Evil (Spoken) by Ian Hubbal
294890 Metal Scrape APE 5(L2R Chime) by Lifted Creation | 11811 North Tatum Blvd. Suite 3031, Phoenix, AZ 85028 USA