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Staff Favorites for Halloween

Scary new media for September 27, 2011  ::  #creditsarelame

Phantom Nightmare
by Michael Crowther
Track ID: 263292 | Film Moods > Horror

Available for download in MP3, Wav, and Flac. Horrifying and shocking from the start with a feel of an ominous presence and danger in the style of Halloween and Friday The 13th. Combining orchestration, music box melodies and synths, this is a scary ride perfect for horror movie, psycho thriller, suspense, mystery, drama, games or adverts.

tags: haunting, creepy, eeire, scary, paranormal, spooky, terrifying

Thrills and Chills, Horror Pack
by Bobby Cole
ProductionPax ID: 1351 | Film Moods > Horror

37 spooky tracks for just $199 -- commerical use included. A pack full of horror and thriller music! Perfect for all your scary needs with music that will make your spine tingle!!!!! Loads of different styles of music as well, including chase scene, horror house ambience and thriller music.

tags: horror, thriller, death, deadly, knife, scary, hostile, funeral

Disturbed AMBSFX105
by Earnest Jan Vincent Munoz
Track ID: 263026 | Sound Effects > Horror SFX

This sound or mood music is ideal for psycho thrillers, suspense movies, and background music for games with a darker theme. Set the mood and scare your guests this Halloween.

tags: dark, cinematic, psycho, thriller, suspense, sound effects

Stock Footage: Time Lapse Sky Dark Blue
by Love Mushroom
Footage ID: 42427 | Backgrounds > Natural Backgrounds

Available for download in Quicktime format, this time lapse shot of a dark blue cloudscape is perfect for horror film or music videos, or as a background for your next concert or Halloween party. Very spooky and kinda Harry Potter-ish. Chilling.

tags: horror, sinister, Halloween, scary, dark, loop, cloudscape

Stock Photos: evileye
by Allyson R
Photo ID: 91390 | Concepts & Themes > Seasons & Holidays

Fear as depicted in a human eye with grunge effects added. Good for Halloween. Royalty free professional photograph shot with Canon. Download in small, medium, or full size JPEG.

tags: fear, terror, despair, horror, eye, body part, scared, fright


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