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New Ways To Share & Sell

In anticipation of a formal announcement of our distribution API (trust us, it is really really really cool) and of key partnerships that will help generate a significant amount of sales and distribution opportunities exclusively for Productiontrax contributors (and at the same price and commission split you set on PT for the commercial license B terms), we've been busy tweaking your Contributor Account.

We know that we've probably already perked your interest by mentioning an API, but we promise that we'll have more specific details on the API itself for you later with our formal announcement, including information on how it works and what it means for you (awesome).

And, in case you haven't heard, we've launched our embeddable lightboxes this week, which allows you to organize projects, stream previews and display tracks on any 3rd party website that supports iFrames (like your Facebook page, for example). see this article for more details about lightboxes

But we digress. Getting back to the main purpose of this issue, we've added a nifty little button that allows you to specify whether or not a given music track is registered with your Performance Rights Society (ie. BMI or ASCAP; we call them PROs). Note that this does not apply to sound effects, videos, or photos.

Why is this so important?

Non-PRO tracks have more opportunities to sell.
Our upcoming API release features a "PRO Filter" that allows our content network partners to screen out tracks that their customers are not interested in: tracks that are registered with Performing Rights Societies. For some distribution channels, PRO-registered tracks also cause a legal and logistical nightmare that certain companies are not willing to undertake (similar to why film festivals request waivers). Therefore, they will only distribute tracks that are truly royalty-free, and not registered with a PRO.

Of course, we will continue to promote both registered and non-registered tracks equally on PT, and both types of tracks will be available via our API. However, if you are an artist that has your work registered with the Performing Rights Societies, to help boost your own sales on PT, we encourage you to upload some tracks that are not registered with Performing Rights Societies and make sure this box is not selected.

The choice is yours to make, so here are the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

Non-PRO tracks
1. Non-PRO tracks will most likely sell more via our distribution network.
2. Non-PRO tracks do not require the filing of cue-sheets.
3. Non-PRO tracks are not elligible for residual royalties through your Performance Rights Society, unless, for some reason, a cue sheet is filed by the client, but are most likely to generate more revenue for you overall because of our clientelle's usage habits.

PRO-Registered tracks
1. Registered tracks may not get the same attention via our distribution network, depending on the types of calls made to our API.
2. Registered tracks are somewhat less desireable to customers overall (but not always).
3. Registered tracks used in broadcast require cue-sheets, which are regularly filed by our clients, which can in some cases, produce additional pennies via your Performance Rights Society.

Whichever option you choose, this button is available for each and every music track on your track edit pages. Checking the box means that the track is registered, and the normal terms and conditions apply. Unchecking the box means that it is completely royalty-free, and not under the performance licensing terms of an agency like ASCAP, BMI, or PRS etc, and also has the awesome side effect of boosting your sales potential.

We've already checked and unchecked this box for you based on your artist setting for each track. However, you can change this setting at any time. You can also send us an Excel spreadsheet with the track ID in one column and a yes or no message in the next to indicate PRO-registration and we will bulk update them for you. | 11811 North Tatum Blvd. Suite 3031, Phoenix, AZ 85028 USA