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Bye Bye Java, Hello WAV files!

We know how frustrating those Java plug-ins can be. So, as part of our PT Summer Tune-Up, we're removing our Java-based uploaders.

We're pleased to let you know that we've already updated our audio uploader to the new format, and our photo and video uploaders are going to be updated over the next few days as well. Here are the features of the new uploaders:

1) No plug-ins required. Our uploaders will no longer run on 3rd party plug-ins like Java or Flash. That means no pesky security warning, and no system dependent software.
2) WAV file support. Now you can upload WAV files or MP3 files, single files, or in bulk. Uploading WAV files will save you tons of time, and automatically adds hi-res files to your account.
3) Continued Drag-and-Drop support. Compatible with every browser, every OS. It just works -- and degrades nicely, if for some reason you're using Netscape from 1992.
4) ITPC support for photos. We're still working on this, but our photo uploaders now support ITPC tagging to help you get more photos online faster.

We'll be tweaking and working on the uploaders as always, but please do let us know if you encounter any bugs or issues.


New Categories Available

We've added a couple new audio categories to the site including:

Jazz > Acid Jazz
Electronic > Chill Out & Lounge | 11811 North Tatum Blvd. Suite 3031, Phoenix, AZ 85028 USA