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relevant issues & current news for PT contributors

New Hi-Res Uploader Online

We've made it a bit more efficient and much easier to understand. Ready to add some high resolution wav files to your account? Follow the new links to upload hi-res tracks, either from the account main menu or from individual track pages. Simply select the track to add a hi-res file for, drag your wav file into the applet, and watch in awe and wonderment as your wav file gets sent through thae ether and cross the planet to our high-res server.

We're working on expanding the functionality or all of our uploaders, but for now, the changes have cut processing time by a ton, allowing us to add your hi-res files to your account much faster, and spend more time on improving the site instead of renaming and converting files and running mass quantities of database queries. And yes, it's true, contributors with wav files available sell more than those who don't. Just saying.

If you've had trouble with the Java uploader in the past, give it another chance -- we've corrected some issues that had been locking some contributors out (we didn't mean to!!!).

We will also stop accepting hi-res files sent via YouSendIt, unless they are pre-named with the correct Track ID number (ie PT_1234.wav). You can still send new tracks and hi-res files on CD or DVD via snail mail if you really enjoy going to the post office -- just be sure to use our new mailing address.

Also new in the contributor account:


• Pay for premium listings with your current month's earnings. No credit card required.
2010 Tax Forms are available for printing and downloading for contributors who received payments in 2010. Follow the links in your account, or visit your Sales Reports.


Feature Yourself on Twitter!

Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular tool for marketing yourself and your music. We've added tweet me buttons all over so you can tweet your profile, your new music, and whatever else you can think of. Just remember to link back to your track pages in your tweets!

We've also started featuring a new contributer every day on our own Twitter account. Follow us today!

Say NO to GoDigital

(Legit customer. Once had hair.)

If you're selling your tracks on other libraries, you should be aware of a company called GoDigital. GoDigital has entered into agreements with a few royalty-free libraries, granting them authority to act on behalf of these libraries to "protect" your media.

Instead, GoDigital harrasses legit customers who have purchased valid licenses (see this thread, for example), claiming copyright infringement on their YouTube videos and in other arenas. Of course, this is making our (and many of your) clients very upset. Clients who have purchased valid licenses and gone out of their way to follow copyright law (a rarity, we know) are being forced to take down their projects unless they put GoDigital's advertisements on their project. Of course, all of this ad revenue gets paid to GoDigital and the partnering library, most of whom specifically exclude this revenue from being shared with you in their terms of service. does not work with GoDigital and does not approve of their business practices. Not only is it perjury for GoDigital to file DMCA takedown notices (they are claiming to be the copyright owner of YOUR tracks), they are undermining your authority and right to license your music as you please, and making money off of your content in the process without paying you a dime. We strongly advise you to think twice before entering into any agreements with libraries who partner with GoDigital, and please, please, read the fine print.

If you know of libraries who are currently partnered with GoDigital please let us know. We are compiling a list to make available online for your reference and to protect the rights of both our contributors and our customers. You can email us at:

Thinking of going exclusive?

Before signing your licensing rights away to a single library, think carefully about your options. We at believe strongly in diversifying your sales channels, just like you would diversify your investment portfolio, and licensing through has always been a smart move.
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